Looking at a virtual skyline

elevated reality

imagining the future of travel experience

Blndspt approached us with the challenge of creating a virtual reality experience in 2 and a half weeks. We take on tight timelines because we've found that constraints create compelling design decisions. Inspired by Blndspt's innovative kiosk experience, we delivered an immersive exploration through an A350-900 Airbus.

The concept began with a question. Can we create a way for people to explore the nuances of a plane and gain a greater sense of place in their kiosk experience at the airport? The experience emphasized differences between business and general class seating such as lighting, leg room, amenities, and speaker quality. A bar separates both classes creating a place for users to pour themselves a glass of wine and take a load off as the plane departs from Las Vegas.




  • Virtual Reality Development
  • 3D Modeling and Texturing