about us

Alt Ethos creates community and connect through interactive and immersive design. Our installations are constructing the future of design to offer unique work that transcends expectations. We work in collaboration with you, guarantee our work, and work on time and on budget. Alt Ethos creates immersive and interactive storytelling for all ages that disrupts the mundane and inspires the imagination.

what we do

Combining a keen design sense with a command of creative technology and commitment to social awareness, we reimagine and reinvent spaces to strengthen connections between people. We are constantly collaborating and innovating along the nexus of cultural, social and physical design. We think bigger and embed continuity and reliability into everything we do.

who we do it for

Alt Ethos creates permanent and temporary activations for Cultural Institutions, Corporations, Public Art Spaces, Themed Entertainment, Event Producers and many others. We are transforming the world of storytelling through permanent and temporary designs using Extended Reality (XR) environments and objects that fuse physical, networked, and shared virtual worlds.

We treat our clients and competitors as collaborators, working together to establish lasting connections with audiences. We work across disciplines to design experiences, products, and services with a focus on the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. We support a culture of learning and collaboration.

our commitment

We take every possible measure to ensure that our work consistently provides the highest value. We achieve this through clear communication, attention to contracts, accountability, and providing guaranteed service and maintenance.

We pay a sustainable living wage of $25 per hour so our staff can live in the Denver Metro Area comfortably. Happy staff means happy clients.

Alt Ethos currently donates a portion of our revenue, time and equipment to Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA), our sister organization. DATA’s mission is Empowerment Through Creative Technology.

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