Metaverse Directions + FAQ

Welcome to Alt Ethos Worlds hosted by the Odyssey platform. We are excited that you will join us on this adventure with one of the most cutting-edge visually stunning Metaverse platforms in the biz.

Before You Get Started
1. This is a remote computer browser-based experience. This means the platform does not run on your computer, but on a remote one. But you will need the best browser experience.
2. You will need at least 30Mbp/s down the internet speed. (same as Zoom)
3. Chrome Browser works best
4. Make sure other browsers are closed. Use Google Tab Groups or the OneTab Chrome Plugin to save tabs.
5. Use a mouse when possible
6. Make sure you have just a few or no other browsers open.
7. Plan to arrive early to practice and set up your avatar if you like.

How to Get Started
1. There are two ways to be invited into the Odyssey Platform

  • Receive a link in an email or from a website. Click the link.
  • Receive an email invitation directly with the subject “You’ve been invited to Alt Ethos“. Accept the Invite.

2. Create your avatar
3. Controls are on the bottom of your screen.
4. To access your audio and camera settings, click the cog in the upper right corner of the screen.
5. If you have any questions, see the FAQ below