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Get closer to the digital space with our augmented reality solutions

AR (Augmented Reality) technology creates images or videos or any digital information in a real-world environment. We at Alt Ethos are a full-service experimental design studio. We are an Augmented Reality Solution Colorado providing our clientele services like Permanent Installation, Temporary Installation, Immersive Environments, Virtual Networking Parties, Super Hybrid Branded Virtual Worlds, etc.

Work of Augmented Reality Solution Colorado

Our works include Immersive Experiences, Destination, Design Public Installation Themed Entertainment, Virtual/Hybrid Events, etc. Our expertise also widens to Experiential Marketing, Museum and Library Design, Research and Development, etc. There are several industries involved with us like Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, etc. We serve Education & Training, Manufacturing, Print & Media industries as well.

A whole range of services to help your business endeavor

There is a broad range of AR applications. In areas like operations using AR, you can cut down your errors and reduce the time required for operations. You will have a very satisfied
client base. Your workforce will be more skilled. In the area of maintenance, you can increase the level of your customer service. You will be able to save costs and traveling time on repairs. You can also reduce the required time for specialized training. In the field of remote assistance, AR ensures better service differentiation and high customer value. It can provide support and help for any kind of user. The resources and traveling costs are much less with AR as there is remote assistance. In terms of training, it will be easier with a recreation of real-world scenarios. Your training costs and time of preparation will be less. It will ensure higher knowledge retention of the workforce.

Our Work speaks for us

Our previous works include Telepresence Street Portal, Greeley DDA – Musical Hopscotch, Alt Ethos Projection-Mapping, High Plains Library District – Augmented Robot Table, TPH D4: Rebellion, Fort Collins DDA – Interactive Projection Mapped Mural, Pickering, Holt & Co. D4: Rebellion Virtual Conference, Visit Cheyenne – Projection-Mapping, Greeley DDA – Musical Hopscotch, The Singing Tree, Museum of Discovery – Immersive Interactive Room, City, and County of Denver – Interactive LED Sculpture, NMAM Virtual conference, etc.

Why should Alt Ethos be your first choice as your AR development Studio?

Our developers are skilled professionals, and they have in-depth knowledge of recent changes in the field. We have minimal charges, and we work strictly according to our policies. We have years of experience in this field, and our developers are also experienced. We are just a touch away; visit our website to reach out to us. We will come up with the best-suited creative ideas according to our client’s needs with perfection.

AR as the new reality

AR has been a game-changer in recent days in many fields. AR helps in new business strategies and marketing ideas. Consumers these days can experience awesome AR solutions. They see the ways how they can use AR in their practical lives. This is why the AR software sector is rapidly growing. Augmented reality, i.e., AR, is the way to mix digital content (spatially registered) with the real world of the user. AR applications, software, and technologies are essential to building smart cities, smart homes, smart factories, etc. Education, healthcare, public safeties are some of the other major sectors where AR is the new path to follow. Augmented Reality Solution Colorado is your next destination for virtual reality. Contact us today to have a unique experience in this field.


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