Immersive Experiences

Interactive Engagement for Increased Visitors

Cities of the Future

Peopleโ€™s perception and attachment to places is changing, and we are in the midst of a re-imagining of our public and private spaces. Through experiential design, Alt Ethos provides the direction and production of creative placemaking for the 21st century and beyond.

Our permanent installations are primed for civic engagement, revitalization, and tourism as a unique opportunity to realize iconic experiences to create unique community installations. All for the purpose of using placemaking art to grow local economies.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary collaborations.

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Public Installations

Get inspired with new ways to tell stories, laugh, and play while creating connections within your community. Revitalize your neighborhoods, downtown shopping areas, cultural institutions, and public parks.

  • Interactive Sculptures
  • Immersive Lighting
  • Projection Mapping
  • AR App Development
  • Pop-up Installations & Events
  • Custom Interactivity

Technology & Innovation

Through a wide range of creative technologies, your constituents and visitors find new reasons to love and return to your places. Forward-thinking placebranding puts you on the forefront of immersive and interactive experiences.

  • Historical building facade activation
  • Downtown holiday experiences
  • Large-scale interactive installations
  • Audio-reactive environments
  • Shopping area activations
  • AR tours, scavenger hunts, and art galleries

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Collaboration & Partnership

We work closely with public and private organizations for creative placemaking activations that inspire and connect. We consider our clients collaborators and we want to help refine and bring your vision to life. Reach out if you’re an innovator at:

  • Downtown Development Agency
  • Tourism board
  • City Arts Council
  • Cultural Center
  • Marketplace / Mall / Shopping Area
  • Marketing Agency
  • Mayor or Governors’s office
  • Library


Experiential Design for Cities, Museums, and Public Spaces
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