Bespoke Immersive Event Design

Looking for something weirder and uses next generation technology? From conception to installation, our custom immersive designs create unexpected joy and delight and make each event a unique and memorable experience. Full service event design will bring your event to the next level.

Bespoke Event Design

Immerse your audiences in something different. From start to finish, our Producers can help you curate an interactive event that will have your audiences talking for years to come.

Projection Mapping

What do you imagine for your event? From innovative projection mapped universes to custom interactive displays, our Producers have years of experience crafting incredible interactive works.

Sponsorship Packages

Create joy with our creative tech solutions! Our innovative immersive designs are the perfect way to increase ROI through the activation of sponsored rooms and interactive areas.

Fabrication, VR, AR, Holograms, LED, Content Production, Audio, Metaverse, Hybrid, Retro Tech, 360 Video, Digital Domes

Design Elements

Alt Ethos proprietary design elements. Unique additions to your event design package that make your event stand out from the rest.

360 Videos + Viewers

Immerse your guests in a custom created 360 degree video. These incredible experiences can take your messaging to a whole new level, increasing engagement, empathy, and retention.

Balloon Hive

The Balloon Hive is a unique sculpture of balloons brought to life by interactive projections. This living piece of artwork is the perfect backdrop for stage shows, or as an entryway step and repeat.

Digital Daydream Mirrors

Digital Daydream mirrors blend virtual reality and real life to create a playful environment that invites a little magic into the everyday.

Digital Domes

With walls that are perfect for 360 video projections, and incredible possibilities for soundscape creation, domes are the perfect way to immerse your audience.

Environmental Lighting

LED wash lighting is an incredibly flexible way to create engaging spaces, stages, and inspirational environmental ambiance. Transport yourself to another world.

Holographic Window Display

Imagine the wonder of your guests as your logos and branding come to life with our 3D holographic window displays.

Interactive Projection Floor

See the floor transform from your footsteps with this playful installation. People can participate actively or passively by walking or dancing on the projected surface.

LED Jellyfish

With their pulsing LED lights and long hanging tendrils, these large sea creatures can be hung from any ceiling to add an unforgettable underwater feel to any event.

LED Tunnel

The LED tunnel excites participants to walk or run through to experience a changing lightscape. The tunnel works in daytime or nighttime activations and is especially bright at night.

Projection Mapping

Activate murals, artwork, building facades, and environments at night using projection mapping. These motion activated visuals create an engaging and interactive experience for the audience.

Retro Blanket Fort

Step back to the days of building forts in your living room with this retro blanket fort hallway, perfect for creating a fun yet intimate ambiance in large spaces.

Retro Television Room

This 20 foot by 20 foot giant television is the perfect immersive room. With LED wiring, strange projections, and fun soundscapes, this room makes the perfect prize booth or intimate chill space.

Tangible Instrument

This unique futuristic instrument invites people to explore, engage, collaborate, and remember through interactive play.

Technicolor Clouds

A fun and exciting way to add colorful and interactive lighting to an event. The clouds hanging overhead transform and pulse colors with the music.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Our 3D and Virtual Reality experts craft the ultimate immersive experiences to showcase your brand, tell your story, or invite audiences drop into un-reality.