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Amazing event production services to get maximum engagement in your events

We incorporate virtual reality in events to promote interactions through digital tokens. VR can help form a network among the people visiting the event. The digital token we distribute while planning the event production is very helpful for a vendor to meet the event planners and managers. The venue manager can show the entire space available. AR-based apps can help you see the inside of the venue through its 3D diagramming tools. You can also see venues in different parts of the world without moving an inch from your home.

Get attention of the crowd with VR and AR at your event

Our AR technology can bring a fun element to your event. We turn even a boring conference into an interactive session. Interactive games and quizzes and leader-boards are added for learning experiences. This draws traffic to events, small and big. We arrange various activities for the interaction among guests in various trade events and conferences. Customized games for a particular event are a unique way to draw attention. These games can be used to market yourself and increase sales. Digital treasure hunts and separate gaming stations are a great tool to improve user experience with the help of AR and VR.

Get the best of navigation and virtual attendance

We know AR technology is helpful for visitors in real-world events. It can help navigate their way to the event. It is a great tool for directions as well. With AR technology in event production, we help the attendees know the way to the event. We also incorporate AR technology in virtual conferences and other events. We also incorporate VR devices to help people attend many events virtually. Viewers from across the world can take part in these events and find opportunities, partnerships, and brand collaborations. With our event production service, you can walk into a hotel, attend concerts and meetings and even attend trade fairs through VR.

Give your event a spark with awesome Presentation and product demonstration

We present our ideas with statistical data and elaborate on the concepts. Our AR-based applications show finer details of the project using 3D models and thorough explanations. We also follow this for complete virtual events using VR technology. It is very helpful for small and medium businesses. We use AR and VR in event production to showcase many products, their working and the benefits they will bring to the investors and customers. We also help businesses provide virtual demos for products. Digital products get great success through these demos. Demonstrations also help users make up their minds. It proves to be helpful for both virtual and physical events.

Make your Event a success with staff Training using VR and AR with Alt Ethos

With VR applications the training process & event production can be smoothened. We at Alt Ethos create a virtual setup of their working space. With this, the staff learns to do their jobs and make mistakes without worrying about the consequences. This training also helps the employees make a decision and know its results to later do the same in reality. We know that VR and AR are the future of marketing and advertising. People interested in the business can make special bonds and memories through these events. Brands can create various campaigns and be aware of their customers. This is a rewarding experience for both businesses and their customers. We at Alt Ethos also know that AR and VR has become very popular in the sports industry.


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