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As the use of immersive experiences becomes more widespread and critical to business success, the importance of experiential strategy is increasing. Experiential strategy is a process that helps businesses understand how to effectively use immersive experiences to achieve their goals.

However, implementing an experiential strategy can be a major challenge, as it requires expert knowledge, careful planning, and execution. Additionally, many organizations are finding it difficult to measure the success of their immersive experiences. Luckily, Alt Ethos can help.

Alt Ethos is a company that specializes in consulting, developing, deploying, and managing immersive technologies. We have extensive experience working with brands, cities, libraries, museums, and enterprises around the world to develop strategies around immersive technologies such as Metaverse/AR/VR/MR/XR, including projection mapping and digital domes.

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Our Services

Consulting projects are customized around our client’s specific marketing goals. Alt Ethos is built small and scalable to collaborate effortlessly. Our work is fast, sharp, simple, and impactful.


  • Technical Education – groups, individuals, public speaking, “What is” Metaverse Event
  • Networking – connecting you to the right solutions with our strong network
  • Business Acumen -leading companies in creating business models, revenue streams, and strategies.


  • Custom Research: Audience, market, and competitive insights.
  • Immersive Marketing: Brand engagement narrative and full-funnel messaging.
  • Innovation Strategy: Growth opportunities through a brand lens.
  • Digital Strategy: In real life, hybrid, and metaverse strategies.
  • Concept Design: full 3D renders with thoughtful design concepts
  • Immersive Technology: The right technology for your brand and your audience.
  • Full Reports: Leverage the best influence for investments or stakeholder buy-in.
  • Test & Learn: Low-cost marketing experiments and benchmarking.

Need other skills? No problem. Depending on the expertise required, we can tap our network of the best in the business to help out.

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Design for the Modern World

providing solutions to businesses worldwide across multiple industries.


We focus on monetization and have a team of experts who can help your business grow with the Metaverse. We are experts in multiple Metaverse platforms and offer hands-on experiences to see what is right for you. We partner with blockchain, NFT, gaming studios, and innovators to offer you custom solutions.

Urban Design

In cities old and new, a well-planned and designed urban engagement is the common thread of creating places that are livable and sustainable. Our philosophy integrates innovative approaches that merge planning, interactive and immersive design, and placemaking principles to build communities with a strong local revenue and engagement.

Immersive Art Exhibits

A full range of services including the curation, tech expertise, and installation of immersive art for venues, museums, touring experiences, and ticketed immersive art exhibitions. Alt Ethos collaborates with designers, architects, creators, innovators, engineers, and marketing professionals to create unique experiences that connect people to brands through immersive art. We work with artists from around the world to help design spaces that tell your story.

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At Alt Ethos, we specialize in immersive consulting. This means that we can help you with everything from metaverse design to consultation in the real world. Our services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, so you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need from us. We’re small and scalable, so we can easily collaborate with you, and our work is always fast, sharp, and impactful. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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