Interactive Projection Mapping

What is Interactive Projection Mapping?

Interactive Projection Mapping is a sophisticated technique that uses specialized software, tools, and technologies to manipulate and superimpose projected images such that they fit perfectly on any 3D object. Interactive Projection Mapping creates highly captivating and immersive images. In case of projection mapping, the images can be projected on both, flat and uneven surfaces. Interactive Projection Mapping is a powerful marketing strategy that helps businesses standout from their competitors. The project imagery in case of interactive projection mapping may include videos, 3D animations, and even illustrations. Also, there is complete flexibility to use any kind of surface for the projection. Cars, football stadiums and even skyscrapers may be used for interactive projection mapping.

Choosing an expert for interactive projection mapping is crucial

If you are planning to go for interactive projection mapping for your business or brand, it is essential to hire a professional and expert company that has been into interactive projection mapping for many years. One such company is Alt Ethos, a full-service design studio. At Alt Ethos, we offer top-notch and highly interactive projection mapping services for top businesses and brands across the globe. Implementation of interactive projection mapping is not easy. Our in-house team of print specialists can transform your project idea into reality, and help your campaign become a successful one. In today’s competitive marketplace, our interactive projection mapping services can help your business and brands to stand out.

Benefits offered by interactive projection mapping services from Alt Ethos

At Alt Ethos, we can use surfaces for both 2D and 3D interactive projection mapping. Be it a floor, ceiling, an entire building, or even the water surface, we have the potential to transform any element or space into an immersive and interactive experience. It can take your target audience into a completely new world. Since every interactive projection mapping project is unique and different with the type of surface the video, image, animation, or a combination of them to be cast, it helps deliver a customized experience for each brand. Interactive projection mapping is highly versatile too. When we talk about the element of versatility, interactive projection mapping can be effectively used for any space size, from a car to a tall building, or even the sea shore. Interactive projection mapping from Alt Ethos provides a world of endless possibilities for businesses. Our interactive projection mapping services help boost the experiential marketing efforts of businesses. Projection mapping creates a long-lasting impression on the minds of attendees at any event. Through our interactive mapping services, we can give life to the message you want to communicate to the audience, through high definition and captivating visuals using the power of interactive projection mapping.

Increasing popularity of interactive projection mapping

The demands of customers have changed drastically in the past decade. They are always looking out for something different and out-of-the-box. Interactive projection mapping is a great way in which a business can offer cutting-edge experiences to customers. Be it any industry that you may be into, interactive projection mapping has the power to create memories that are hard to erase from the minds of the audience. Top brands like Google and others around the world have already started using interactive projection mapping for their marketing campaigns.

How much does interactive projection mapping cost?

Implementation of interactive projection mapping is not a cakewalk. There are different lengths of creativity involved in an interactive projection mapping project. The cost of one projection mapping project will differ from the other because of the complexities involved in the project. If you have an interactive projection mapping plan in mind, share your interests with the experts at Alt Ethos, and we will give you an estimated cost. We have successfully completed several interactive projection mapping campaigns for businesses and brands globally. No matter how small or big your business is, we can make projection mapping work for you.


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