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Holiday Projection Mapping

Project Brief

From economic and cultural to emotional and psychological impacts, Covid-19 has had major ramifications on communities across the globe. Many cities and states lost money in tourism and local shopping. To address these issues, Visit Cheyenne hired Alt Ethos to invite locals and travelers back to their city for events to help drive economic and cultural development.

The first project took place in the holiday season of 2020 in which brought out enthusiastic crowds. Alt Ethos continues to work with Visit Cheyenne to provide content design, projection mapping services, support for their mobile unit, and a permanent projection mapping outside of the Historic Train Depot.


The City of Cheyenne came to Alt Ethos to create a new and exciting destination for a wider audience. With a reputation built around old Western culture, Cheyenne wanted to increase their “cool” factor. The holidays were just around the corner and pandemic protocols in 2020 had local business owners worried about holiday revenue.

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Alt Ethos worked in close collaboration with the city of Cheyenne to create custom-branded content for the holidays. Our client wanted to “wow” people in his new role and it was said that a city council member even shed a tear. The revenue for individual local businesses that holiday season, during the height of the pandemic, either met or exceeded the previous year’s holiday revenues.

Alt Ethos was brought back to design a permanent projection mapping solution, more custom content, as well as a mobile projection truck for events in and around Cheyenne. Stay tuned for updates to this project as they occur.

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Projection-Mapping is an innovative marketing tool that transforms everyday objects into life-sized digital images. If you want to grab people’s attention in your city and with your brand, contact us today. Alt Ethos can provide your projection mapping solutions from concept to installation and maintenance.

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