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Transforming Through LED and Projection Mapping

Project Brief

Colorado Springs approached Alt Ethos to create a plan to revitalize a soon to be revitalized alley. Their goal was to create an interactive space that transformed this dark area into something vibrant and exciting to passerby.

Alt Ethos created a robust plan that featured an interactive LED wall, a projection mapped mural, and augmented reality throughout the space. Each of the different items pulled from the history of Colorado Springs and offered unique branding opportunities for local businesses.


The city of Colorado Springs challenged Alt Ethos to activate three city walls in an alleyway that led from a parking structure to a main street full of shopping and dining. The space was due for a revitalization and felt unsafe, causing people to avoid the downtown area at night. Different lighting levels throughout the alleys meant that there had to be an innovative solution that utilized multiple kinds of technology.

Challenge Alt Ethos


Alt Ethos came up with a vibrant solution using a combination of programmable LEDs in a large floating display, a projection mapped mural, and augmented reality all throughout the alley. The floating LED wall would allow passerby to interact, sending images to be displayed in a cascading, waterfall of light and movement.

Farther down the alley, in the darkest, most unused portion, a large empty wall would feature a projection mapped mural of the Colorado mountains that would change seasonally. The mural would be beautiful both day and night – with the projection mapping offering unique branding opportunities.

Finally, augmented reality would allow users to move throughout the alley using their phones to activate unique historical imagery and interactive exhibits.

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