Custom VR Experience

Collaborate and play in virtual reality


Our 3D and VR experts craft Custom VR Experiences that showcase your products/services, let your employees or customers drop into un-reality, or create an immersive environment to inspire group play! If you cannot bring your groups together in real life – virtual solutions are available and Alt Ethos is here to help guide you through your options.

Collaborate & Play

VR solutions are available for replicating tangible objects and physical environments. How can you best collaborate with your teams and foster a sense of connection when working remotely? Alt Ethos can help you move your events and environments into virtual spaces in ways that engage and excite your group.


  • Mixed-reality events
  • Virtual environments that replicate real environments
  • Bring to life impossible environments
  • Socially distanced events – concerts, dance parties, and more


  • Leading VR headset compatibility
  • Browser-based compatibility
  • Multi-user voice chat / breakout rooms
  • Collaboration areas: white boards, media boards, streaming video/audio
  • Custom avatar creation
  • Custom games, scavenger hunts, and more
Develop your next event in virtual reality
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