Drive-In Experiences

Drive-In Experiences The drive-in movie experience we are all so familiar with have the same health and safety advantages of Drive-Thru Experiences. Movie, concert, live-action, circus, or App-enabled game experiences or fundraising events in drive-ins are also prime Stage Two solutions. Events could feature bespoke interactive digital designs as well as movies. Live performance could be staged in front of the big screen, socially distanced, and with or without projections. Digital and audio content could be streamed to mobile phones or personal computers in the cars to offer collaboration and interactivity in digital designs. Interactive experiences areas with limited numbers of people could be incorporated – for example, enough space left vacant adjacent to each parked car to allow people to safely get out and dance to prompts from the screen. 

For Stage Two, COVID requirements, masks will be required and made available for purchase at the entrance. Temperatures will be taken at the entrance, and those registering too high will be asked to return at a later date. Designated safe spots will be marked out wherever necessary to control pedestrian traffic at bathroom entrances, and elsewhere. Socially-distanced service and protocols will be established for purchasing food and drink. Hand sanitizer dispensaries will be installed throughout. Auto sanitizing bathrooms will disinfect after every use. Security guards will be on hand to make sure everyone is safely socially distanced.