Drive-Thru Experiences

Drive-Thru Experiences These experiences can preempt the need for social distancing protocols through satisfying people’s need to participate in communal events in the comfort and safety of their own car. Participants can have an underwater alien experience or experience floating holograms in a 3d dynamic design while enjoying live performers and physical designs as a customized soundscape plays on the radio. These immersive experiences can be installed in car washes, parking lots, and warehouses. The Drive-Thru Experience can also be installed in parking lots converted into pop-up theme parks where cars roll through fantastical immersive worlds designed by multiple artists and designers.

For Stage Two COVID guidelines, masks will be required and made available for purchase at the entrance. Temperatures will be taken at the entrance, and those registering too high will be asked to return at a later date. Designated safe spots will be marked out wherever necessary to control pedestrian traffic at bathroom entrances, and elsewhere. Socially-distanced service and protocols will be established for purchasing food and drink. Hand sanitizer dispensaries will be installed throughout. Auto sanitizing bathrooms will disinfect after every use. Security guards will be on hand to make sure everyone is safely socially distanced.