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Interactive Projection Mapped Mural featuring muralist, Peeta

Project Brief

A quiet alley sat unused and dark right in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Acting as a direct path between the city’s largest parking structure and a vibrant shopping district, this alley felt unsafe and dismal. Looking for a solution, Ditesco and the City of Fort Collins approached At Ethos In partnership with Ditesco and the City of Fort Collins, Alt Ethos was asked to create an interactive projected mural as part of a revitalization to the alleyways in Old Town Fort Collins.


Alt Ethos was challenged with creating a permanent interactive projected mural – with a goal of drawing foot traffic and encouraging people to linger in a retail area full of bars, restaurants, and local stores.

The design committee compromised of all stakeholders, chose Peeta, a world renowned muralist to create the design. Not only did this design exceed Alt Ethos expectations, but Peeta’s use of 3D applications to create his work was exactly what the Alt Ethos team needed in order to layer effects using dynamic projection mapping.

Challenge Alt Ethos


By day, Peeta’s vibrant stands alone as a brilliant piece that plays with space and dimension. At night, Alt Ethos brings the installation to life. Sensors track visitors movements and translate them to an interactive, augmented play of light and paint. Today, this mural serves as a focal point for the alley space. Restaurants have built out patios that face the mural and a new hotel is able to sell rooms that face this living artwork at a premium price. The area has been brought to life, increasing safety and interaction in the once dark and dreary space.

Awards: Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell Proclaims New Holiday Celebrating Arts & Technology

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Interactive artworks can transform public spaces, increase safety, and draw visitors to your city. From presentations showing real data and impact for your stakeholders to the final unveiling, Alt Ethos Producers bring years of experience and creativity to transforming underutilized spaces. If you’re interested in creating living piece of art, contact our Production team.

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