Check Your Baggage

Hyatt Place Denver Airport

Placemaking with Interactivity

Look through the viewfinder to get a new perspective. Nine Dot Arts engaged Alt Ethos to develop a custom interactive installation to create a unique experience in the lobby of the newly constructed Hyatt Place Peña Station / Denver Airport.

Check Your Baggage features a handpicked collection of antique and vintage items and luggage mounted behind the front desk. Picture frames feature glowing white screens. With deeper investigation, visitors see the old fashioned viewfinder across the hotel lobby.

Taking a peek through the viewfinder, the illuminated monitors suddenly reveal scenes of Colorado – snowy mountains, gorgeous animals, and stunning vistas. Check Your Baggage invites you to see things a different way.

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Creative Exploration

Using this “magic monitor” technology, we create secrets that permeate the enviornment.

Art Consulting

Alt Ethos works with a variety of organizations, businesses, and individuals to create engaging environments and creative installations.


Alt Ethos can build out a variety of installations to fit your environments, events and vibe.

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