Immersive Lighting

Glow with the show

Engaging Environments

Immersive LED wash lighting is an incredibly flexible way to create engaging stages, spaces, and ambiance. Wondering why was one event more amazing than the other? Pro tip: it was the lighting. With powerful full-color LEDs — not just red/green/blue, but powerful white, amber and UV, the possibilities are endless. Our producers work directly with you to determine the look, color schemes, and lighting intensity. Multi-chromatic pixel-mapped 360° experiences – powered by you.

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Dynamic lighting can be integrated with projection mapping for a full A/V installation that surrounds guests in the rainbow of experience. Motion activated lighting comes to life as passers-by dance through changing colors. Step up your branding and messaging by creating a glowing environment that transports visitors to another world.

  • LED Wash Fixtures
  • LED Neon Tube Strip
  • Projection Mapping
  • LED Walls
  • Custom Interactivity

Perfect for

  • Environmental outdoor applications
  • Building facade activation
  • Downtown holiday experiences
  • Large-scale interactive installations
  • Audio-reactive enviornments
  • Branded events


Alt Ethos can build out a variety of lighting installations to fit your enviornments, events and vibe. Raise awareness for the heroes in our communities by lighting up an inspirational facade!

  • Ambient brand color lighting
  • Holiday themed wash lighting
  • Dynamic organic color rotation
  • Motion-reactive lighting installations
  • Audio-reactive lighting installations
  • Custom trade show booths
  • Lighting for stage and DJ booths
  • Interactive sculptures – check out our Singing Tree and LED Tunnel


More Information


  • Setup time: Varies
  • Power needs: 1-4 Standard 120v dedicated outlets
  • Lighting: Low


Pro RGBAW+UV Wash DMX light fixtures
IP65 rated for outdoor usage
RGB Waterproof LED strips
Auto on/off scheduling
Electronic strobe modes
Flickr-free operation for TV and Film

Inspire and motivate with immersive lighting
Activate your spaces responsibly while practicing physical distancing
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