Musical Hopscotch

Interactive Sound


As you hop, skip, or walk over the colorful shapes you create electro swing music. Within minutes you begin orchestrating your movements, and of friends and strangers, to collaboratively play and combine the rich spatialized influences of vintage and modern swing and jazz with influences of house, hip hop, and EDM. This design allows for anyone with any level of ability to participate through movement. Passersby on their way to work, shopping, or evening entertainment may walk past in a breeze without much thought – and be whisked away into playful community building.

Social Media Sharing

People love to share the Musical Hopscotch with their friends on social media. Media outlets love to write about and promote this experience.


  • Custom music
  • Seasonal content updates
  • People flow analytics


  • Custom Colors
  • Large Scale
  • Small Scale


More Information


  • Alt Ethos One Year Limited Warranty
    (with extended warranty available)
  • Auto on and off
  • Remote updates and maintenance
  • 3 to 5 year warranty for all hardware


  • All-weather temperature controlled casing
  • High Quality Speakers
  • Computer
  • Custom Software
  • Motion Sensors
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