Singing Tree

Celebrating the art of play through light and sound

The Singing Tree is an interactive tree that synthesizes light and play into music. Our vision for the first iteration of The Singing Tree incorporates an interactive tree that beckons inquisitive minds to gather round. Much like a campfire encourages neighbors and strangers alike to spin yarns, ghost stories, and nostalgic reminiscences, the stumps engender a sense of community in an urban setting. Through innovative sound design and interaction dynamics, Alt Ethos fosters an environment where uninhibited play and joyous imagination can flourish.

Social Media Sharing

People love to share their interactive experience with their friends on social media. People will naturally start taking pictures of themselves and their friends while interacting with the LED Gateway.


  • Brand Colors
  • Branded Audio


  • Selfie Station/Recording Device
  • Custom Graphics
  • Visuals and Audio
  • People Flow Analytics


  • My husband had to pull me away from the Singing Tree after an hour. I was having so much fun!

    Anythink Library Patron
  • They were professional, communicative, imaginative, and a pleasure to work with. For us, it’s critical to partner with organizations whose values align with ours, and Alt Ethos is committed to making the world a better place through art and education.

    Stacie Ledden
    Anythink Libraries


More Information


  • Alt Ethos One Year Limited Warranty
    (with extended warranty available)
  • Auto on and off
  • Remote updates and maintenance
  • 3 to 5 year warranty for all hardware


  • over 1,400 LED’s
  • 32 buttons
  • 12 different instrument sounds 
  • (3) 8” weatherproof speakers
  • custom sound using a Teensy MIDI circuit controller
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