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Project Brief

The objective of this project is to launch a metaverse experience for the movie, Vikram, with an announcement at the Cannes Film Festival. The experience was aimed at creating a bridge between fans, fandom, and talent and will be built on a platform that appeals to today’s fan. The project was planned, built and launched within five weeks time. This partnership between Piyush Singh, Kamal Haasan, and Alt Ethos resulted in a fully functional and innovative metaverse experience that set a new standard in the industry.


The project faced several challenges, including a tight timeline of only 5 weeks and limited access to images and footage from the movie. The producer of the film did not want to release any images, and the team had to create the metaverse experience based on a general description and limited sneak peak clips found online. Despite these challenges, the metaverse was launched in partnership with Kamal Haasan’s movie, Vikram, at the Cannes Film Festival and for the opening of the Movie.

We started with a metaverse-based rapid prototype of the layout and design of the world. This allows our client to understand exactly what we bring to the table for the experience and quickly walk through design features to co-create the experience.

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The virtual experience for the movie, Vikram, was a massive success thanks to the implementation of features such as a scavenger hunt, NFT sales, and private events. The Vikram World was a visually stunning representation of the movie, and its popularity was evident with visitor stays that were three times higher than the competition.

Visitors were able to engage with the world through selfie stations and had the opportunity to receive branded Vikram hoodies as rewards. The incorporation of scenes from the movie and music from the soundtrack added to the overall immersive experience.

As a result of the success of the Vikram World, the movie announced the production of Vikram 2 and plans for an expansion of the metaverse in the future. This demonstrates the potential for virtual experiences to enhance the enjoyment and connection between fans and the movie.

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