After producing over 100 virtual events, using existing virtual world platforms, and creating multiple XR immersive experiences, we built an easy-to-use, dynamic, and engaging immersive platform.

It is a true Metaverse and provides exciting meeting places, dynamic events, and future-thinking hybrid-virtual-world solutions, pushing the boundaries of interactivity.

Your audience can create their Ready Player Me avatar by simply uploading a photo and immerse themselves in your custom Branded Private World!

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Branded Private Worlds

Our Branded Private Worlds connects brands to a global audience in 3D worlds through browser-based accessibility using desktop, mobile phones, or tablets. Discover new ways to engage with your audience by owning virtual space or renting unique event venues.

How you will benefit from our Branded Private Worlds

  • Connection Networking

  • Branded Virtual Custom Locations

  • Revenue-Generation

  • Live Performance Integration

  • Dynamic Sponsor/ Exhibitor Booths

  • Secure Login / Registration

  • Video Content and Zoom Integration

How your audience will benefit from our Branded Private Worlds:

  • Highly Accessible Virtual Platform

  • Browser-Based / Easy Navigation

  • Custom Avatars

  • Security

We built a virtual world that connects with people on an emotional and communal level, where our physical reality will merge with the digital universe.

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