The Metaverse is the next generation of human connection. That is why Alt Ethos is evolving to bring the Metaverse to life. Pathos Metaverse connects brands to a global audience in 3D worlds through browser-based accessibility. Pathos Metaverse is currently available for virtual events and custom branded locations.

The first browser-based 3D events platform optimized for networking

Brands can achieve a higher level of engagement through an immersive virtual connection. Pathos Metaverse events and virtual locations is a place where you can gather, connect, and laugh with people on easy-to-use browser-based access. Get started with our Production Experts today to make your brand activation impactful and memorable.

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Branded Virtual Worlds

Our Branded Virtual Worlds connects brands to a global audience in 3D worlds through browser-based accessibility using a desktop computer or tablets. Discover new ways to engage with your audience by owning virtual space or renting unique event venues. Alt Ethos can B=build your fully immersive 3D virtual venues, world, and spaces from the ground up.

Brands can benefit from the Metaverse in many ways:

  • Reach a new audience with worldwide connections and younger audiences
  • Create new forms of entertainment with our quests and custom game design
  • Showcase and sell NFTs
  • Custom stores and showrooms to expand your customers’ experiences

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Virtual Events

The heart of a great conference is engagement. Alt Ethos’ immersive 3D events production infuses conferences with the emotional connection that makes for memorable experiences.

The nature of in-person networking is lifted to a new dimension with intricate immersive designs and avatars that move with ease through vibrant experiential environments.

Our all-in-one solution creates ease and enjoyment of the event experience for the attendees, event producers, brands, and sponsors. From small group gatherings to large global events, we have a solution that is right for your experience.

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The Future of the Metaverse

People expect a digital experience no matter where they are. We agree that the line of virtual, digital, and IRL are blurring and Alt Ethos leverages our visionary thought-leadership to help guide this evolution. We come from a place of equity and inclusion in our innovations and designs.

The Pathos Metaverse road map includes launching publically as a 24/7 accessible Metaverse. We have used many digital virtual world platforms and even produced events on other’s platforms and although we appreciate what they have created, we have our own vision for how this technology impacts society.

We have updated the metaverse and hybrid technology to make them into Super Hybrid. Super Hybrid remotes the veil between IRL and the Metaverse to extend communication and connections. The image you have is an in-person event and virtual attendees. You can activate one of your IRL walls into an extension into the Metaverse where all attendees can engage and interact as if they are in the same location.

We are excited to see what the future holds as we explore new ways of communication.

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