Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create an experience your patrons remembered–one that stood out indefinitely over the distraction and noise of traditional media? Not only that, but if it was affordable and easy to pull off, and you know that who you hired to make it with will see things through and make sure it continues to work its magic and attract your customers long after the launch? 

There is a tremendous need for innovation and the integration of technology into our everyday lives in a way that supports human development and connection.  Yet when you’re collaborating on creating something new, it’s critical to keep things in perspective and not get ahead of yourselves. For example, not fully understanding the language of technology can cause confusion and mistrust of costs and deliverables. The process of choosing who to hire to avoid costly mistakes can be a confusing one. What if the solutions that are proposed don’t last?

You want to know you’ve made a wise choice. The company you choose to provide the solution will stand behind their word after delivery. Otherwise, you lose time and money…….and worse yet, disappoint your audience. You want a solution that is easy, affordable, reliable, and delivers the “Wow!” factor.

As more people are spending money on experiences over objects, it is important to capture people’s attention in a way that is memorable and shareable. 

We’ll pay close attention to your specific needs and offer the best-customized solution. Once you are happy with that solution, we will then deliver – on time and on budget – and support you following delivery to ensure seamless engagement and vibrant community building.

In Alt Ethos, you will find a project partner who combines experience, expertise, enthusiasm, creativity, and what Westword has described as “an eye on the future’s future”. We have enjoyed great success with installing several permanent experiential designs for both indoor and outdoor activations. We have worked in creative technology for over 25 years; our portfolio includes research and development grants with the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense in immersive interactive innovation and design. We have received several awards and distinctions for the excellence of our services.

The successful integration of technology with the physical world is key to the ability to captivate people and inspire a sense of awe. But taking a leap into the innovative world of experiential technology can be daunting at the best of times. We’ve all had the experience of being let down by technology when companies don’t provide the level of support and maintenance that is required. Simply put, when the technology is down, you just aren’t getting what you paid for.

At Alt Ethos, we stand behind our products and services.

If you choose to work with Alt Ethos, as we hope you will, you will be working with a company that has developed an innovative business model that places the highest priority on putting projects on a secure footing while fostering a sense of ease in our work with complex systems of design and technology. Standing behind our product means not only that we are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, but to bring the utmost integrity to our relationships with our clients, staff, and competitors in the field. We are a diverse team that values collaboration, attention to detail, and is well-managed.