digital domes

immerse your audience into 360 sound and visuals

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Imagine being surrounded by incredible environments in Virtual Reality while also being able to nudge your friend and discuss a shared experience of immersive video, interactive atmospheres, and augmented reality games.

Domes offer virtual reality experiences without cumbersome hardware that can be shared by audiences small and large.

social media sharing

People love to share their Digital Dome experience with their friends on social media. Encourage more social sharing by pairing a photographer with social connection.

digital dome social
digital dome engaging


  • Brand Colors
  • Custom Projection Media Content
  • Custom Sponsor Content
  • Exterior Cover Printed with Sponsor Logos
  • Exterior Projection


  • Dinner Immersion Experience
  • Dance Party
  • Staged Live Performance
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Product Launch
  • Trade Show Marque
  • Yoga Anywhere in the World or in Space
  • Educational
digital dome options

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  • Setup time: one to three days
  • Uninstall time: one to two days
    • Inflatable
  • Setup time: four hours
  • Uninstall time: four hours
      Venue Requirements
  • Flat surface equal diameter +15 feet
  • Height ½ diameter + 2’ (ex. 100’ dome needs 52’ height)
  • Power Needs: Three Phase Generator 25,000 watts or direct current
  • Forklift Access


  • 2k to 8k resolution high performance projection
  • Custom Interactive Dome Server with Live Capture Option
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Blackout Cover

  • Proud reseller of Pacific Dome, a woman owned company