the singing tree

celebrating the art of play through light and sound


In a project commissioned by Anythink Libraries to advance its mission to open doors to curious minds, Alt Ethos collaborated with Anythink to create a physical sculpture with elements of sound and light that synthesizes interaction into music and sparks imagination through open play.

A stylized sculpture of a tree installed near the library entrance beckons inquisitive minds to gather round. Just as a campfire brings neighbors and strangers together to spin yarns, ghost stories, and nostalgic reminiscences, the sculptural installation provides a focal point for building and strengthening community in an urban setting. Through innovative sound design and interaction dynamics, The Singing Tree nourishes an environment where uninhibited play and joyous flights of imagination can flourish.

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Anythink Perl Mack Library
7611 Hilltop Cir
Denver, CO 80221

Hours: Tues and Thurs, 11 AM - 7 PM
Wed, Fri and Sat, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Sun and Mon, closed

Date Opened: April 27, 2019