balloon room

immersive projection balloon surfaces

balloon room
balloon room engaging


The balloon room is a family friendly immersive experience that sparks joy for people of all ages.

Starting at $4,500

social media sharing

People love to share the balloon room with their friends on social media. Encourage more social sharing by pairing a photographer with social connection.

balloon room social media
balloon room branding


  • Brand colors
  • Branded photo booth pictures


  • DJ Booth
  • Stage Backdrop
  • Selfie Station
  • Custom Sculpture
balloon room options

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  • Installation time: 3 - 5 hours (depending on size)


  • We compost our balloons
Design Price/MSRP
Balloon Room 8' x 10' $4,500
Balloon Room Filled 10' $5,500

*Labor included

Excludes: Airfare & local hotel accomodation for 2 x Technicians, Shipping, Artwork brand customization