digital graffiti wall

digital graffiti engaging


Bring people together with a fun, hands-on, interactive experience where anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art. It's brandable, sparks curiosity and always engages your crowd.

Starting at $5,300

social media sharing

People love to share their creations with their friends on social media. Encourage more social sharing by adding a message when guests email or share their artwork via the supplied tablet.

digital graffiti social media
digital graffiti branding


  • Brand colors
  • Logos
  • Custom backgrounds and stencils
  • Custom message


  • Hire a muralist/graffiti artist to paint live
  • Make it a VR experience
digital graffiti options

more information


  • Setup time: 3 hours
  • Freestanding: 7' tall x 10' wide
  • Power needs: 10 Amp designated power3
  • Projector placement: 20' - 45' from wall
  • Lighting: A room with low ambient light works the best


  • 10k - 12k lumens high powered projector

offical reseller of tangible interaction

Design Price/MSRP
Digital Graffiti Wall *Tangible Interaction Call for pricing

*Labor included

*$500 branding fee