technicolor clouds

bring the outdoors inside

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Technicolor Clouds can be connected to a variety of data sources from weather data to IFTTT applets to trigger upon events like sports scores, twitter updates, and much more. They output full spectrum color to also match any aesthetic.

Starting at $2,250 for 8 clouds

social media sharing

People love to share the clouds with their friends on social media. Encourage more social sharing by pairing a photographer with social connection.

balloon hive engaging
balloon hive engaging


  • Brand Colors
  • Color Reactivity


  • Lighting
  • Color
  • Sound
  • Extra clouds
balloon hive engaging
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  • Installation time: 3 hours
  • Hanging: Local rigging point or truss along ceiling
  • Power needs: 10 Amp designated power
  • Lighting: A room with low ambient light works the best


  • LEDs
  • Touch Designer
Rental Clouds Price/MSRP
Technicolor Clouds 8 $2,250
16 $3,500

*Labor included