Sales Cycle

Experiences/Custom Design:

      1. Discover

 At this stage, we set up a thirty-minute meeting to discuss your needs and gain an understanding of you, your project, stakeholders, and general timeline. 

       2.  Concept Slide Deck 

We put together a proposal with design concepts to get the conversation moving. We are the specialists in experiential design and we match your needs with designs to spark your interest in further conversation.

       3. Concept Review Meeting

50 minutes. We spend time with you reviewing the design concepts to narrow the scope of your interests.

       4. Design Phase 

MSRP $4,000. The design phase allows us to do research and on-site review and provide a detailed rendering of your design. We also use this time to more clearly define what is needed, including hardware and electrical requirements. See details on the Design Phase here.

       5. Demonstration

We present your final Design Phase concepts with renders and explanations to you and your stakeholders to review the details of the design, including warranty options and production timelines.

        6. Close 

We provide all documentation through a secure transfer. We make an introduction to your Producer and begin production.


Event Rentals:

     1. Discover

At this stage, we set up a short meeting to discuss your needs and gain an understanding of your event and audience. 

     2. Define

We communicate with you and internally with our team to further define the event, and discuss what we can offer to make your event unique, engaging, and memorable. 

     3. Quote

Once we have a clear understanding of the size, location, and needs of the event, we will put together a detailed quote that you can take to your stakeholders. 

     4. Close

We work with you to modify and optimize our proposed experience and provide you with a term sheet agreement and scope of work. You provide a 10% non-refundable down payment to reserve your event date(s).