“We were very excited to have Alt Ethos do an installation in our town, and it did not disappoint. In addition to it being a beautiful piece in a space that welcomes beauty the interactive component creates a tiny community. Our son connected with complete strangers in a matter of minutes to play music together. We were all hopping around and laughing like kids. We hope to see more like these in our town and all over!”
Megan Bissell, Greeley Resident
August 16, 2019

“Visited the Soundscape room at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, created by Alt Ethos. Great fun for people of all ages. Our group of 50 through 80 year olds enjoyed it as much as the toddlers … Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next!”
Debbie Davis, FCMoD Patron
June 26, 2017 

“Alt Ethos is a great crew to work with! They were very respondent throughout the project they did for the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. I think we ended up with a project that the Museum is proud of and that surprises and delights all of our guests!” 
Ben Gondrez, FCMoD Dome Theater Manager
November 3, 2017 


“Alt Ethos is badass! Their work embodies the “experience” in experiential marketing! They will blow your event up (literally, if you want them to).”
Josh Whitaker
January 13, 2018 


“An elegant synthesis of art and entertainment applying cutting edge technology combined with a deep understanding of what creates a cohesive group experience for everyone. Where empathy meets technology.”
Lissa Reidel, Santa Fe Resident
May 28, 2019

“[Soundscape is] my kids favorite exhibit when they go to the Museum, [Fort Collins Museum of Discovery].” 
a WTF Marketing
February 28, 2019


“Alt Ethos led the creative process to conceive and design the signature artistic element in our downtown place-making project through the combination of contemporary mural and 3-D projection technology.  Working with the team was fascinating, the job was professionally executed, and the outcome exceeded our expectations.”
Matt Robenalt, Executive Director, Fort Collins, Colorado Downtown Development Authority
May 17, 2019