Consider this for your next virtual or hybrid concert production: unparalleled interactivity in a dynamic immersive environment with personalized avatars by Ready Player Me, all brought to vivid virtual life by unlimited customized settings that can bring you right up to the frontiers of reality – and beyond.

Alt Ethos can build your stage inside of a volcano, underwater, on a space station… the only limits are your imagination.

Branding opportunities are equally limitless – we will work with you to seamlessly integrate images, videos and design dynamics for fun, engaging and profitable campaigns.

With Alt Ethos you have choices to make your next Concert stand out. Find our base options below.


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Metaverse Avatar Experience

Unique Immersive Environments
Easy Usability (browser-based)
Live Performance Integration
Avatars in 3D realism
Limitless Design



Base Metaverse Avatar Experience Package

Virtual Venue Rental
Registration API Integration
Project Management
Early Entry Avatar Creation Workshop
Staff Training Session
Service Tech Support
Pre-Recorded Music
Virtual Brand Placements

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Super Hybrid

Seamless Real-World and Virtual World Integration

Interactive Design

Real Connections between virtual and in-person attendees

Organic Networking

Convienent and Flexible

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Avatar Experience Additions

  • DJ/VJ Package Options
  • Media Package/Livestream
  • Avatars Upgrades
  • Custom XR Production 
  • Hologram Package

Super Hybrid
Add Ons

  • Networking Options
  • Topic Networking
  • Keynote Hologram Options
  • Small Meeting/Breakout Options


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