The Alt Ethos mission is to infuse events with emotional connection, which facilitates true engagement.

Our Super Hybrid solution works seamlessly to connect virtual and in-person experiences, each part enhancing the other.

Our unique Super Hybrid approach opens your event up to attendance from anywhere on the planet through your very own immersive world.

We work in collaboration with you to transform your next hybrid experience. With Alt Ethos you have exciting choices to make your event stand out!

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Why Super Hybrid?

There are four reason’s why you and your audience will benefit from our Super Hybrid approach:

  • Inclusivity
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Convenience and Flexibility

First is inclusivity. Hybrid events create a world without limits. It’s an event format that invites attendees, speakers and sponsors to freely engage with concepts, communities, and conferences on a global scale. In terms of design for hybrid events, you want to emulate physical engagement. 

Secondly, accessibility. Attendees with physical limitations are able to attend a hybrid event, be it related to travel restrictions or a disability. 

Thirdly, Sustainability. This refers to the lower carbon footprint that comes from hybrid events. If people don’t have to travel to your event (especially international attendees), you are saving the environmental tax on in-person activation and conversation. 

Lastly, there’s convenience and flexibility. Studies have found that almost 98% of attendees at hybrid events had no plans to attend the live event. Having options for attendance just makes your event more desirable to attend.

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