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Alt Ethos provides turn-key and deeply customized solutions for virtual event services and live streaming. Let us serve your employees, customers, and communities in creative ways that are both memorable and meaningful. No matter what the event needs are, Alt Ethos has a solution.

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Solutions that virtualize your international conferences, live music events, community collaborations, and networking sessions

Content Rich

From Powerpoint presentations, to 360 video, to live streamed panel discussions, to virtual game environments, and beyond


Secure registration, private breakout rooms, and ticketed online experiences to keep the robots and rif raff out of your events


Fully branded experiences in 2D and 3D to fit your vision, branding, and wanderlust


Go beyond chatrooms and participant polls with immersive virtual worlds that you can explore. Connect, play and collaborate in personalized 3D and VR spaces.

Virtual / Online Conference Solutions

All-in-one solutions for your events that bring conference and convention content straight to people’s homes. With the capacity to live stream keynote presentations with simultaneous break out rooms, host one-on-one networking sessions – your event attendees can experience the full range of virtual conference offerings.

Real-time professional streaming accommodates up to 10,000 people live. Our cinematographer comes to your speaker’s location to optimize 4k streaming, or we gladly work with your tech team and remotely manage the event hosting, registration, and more.

Let’s talk about making your conference virtual, and how to make it awesome.

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Virtual World Event Solutions

Seeking solutions that are much more creative than video of talking heads? Our virtual world tours and immersive events are fun, unique experiences people remember long after they’re over. Join us in offering unique online experiences like virtual parties with live VJs and performers, networking events in 3D environments, and virtual world sightseeing tours.

Alt Ethos experiential virtual design is a great edition to any remote event. Create a truly unique virtual experience that fits your brand and community.

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VR & XR Solutions

Host meetings while sticking to social distancing guidelines with our cutting-edge VR collaboration tools. Join your colleagues in branded meeting environments, complete with the ability to cast video, images, or presentations on-screen. These experiences provide that in-person feel and can be attended with or without virtual reality headsets.

Utilizing high quality 360 capture technology and volumetric photogrammetry, we provide immersive collaboration environments featuring some of the most amazing places on the planet. Ever wanted to hold a board meeting in a massive underground cavern? Or how about a VIP party on a multi-dimensional spaceship? Let’s get started!

Have us customize a virtual environment specific for your business or event, or join us in Alt Ethos’ virtual studio and event space.

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Virtual worlds consulting for mixed-reality events and VR tools
Turn-key and custom solutions that fit your goals
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