VR Agency For Institutions Colorado

Indoor positioning system for your institution

This is one of the most advanced forms of navigation provided by VR Agency For Institutions Colorado. This technology works on the physical reality model. We record the indoor spaces of your educational institution and also install some special equipment at places where the GPS signal does not reach. This system allows you to mark the location of the people across your institution and provide visuals on the mobile devices and match the location of the people on the property. This technology can be used in collaboration with other technologies such as disaster management and procedural navigation to allow better results.

360 Physical Reality tour: The interactive tour for the future

If you are looking to deliver a tour of your property, then this service by VR Agency For Institutions Colorado will be great for you. The service allows an engaging tour for the visitors. With the help of 360 panoramic visuals, these tours are created. These visuals are created in such a way that every nook and corner of the property is covered, and you get to see all the important locations. With information as an addition to these visuals, you will have markers, texts and audios for better engagement and experience. Moreover, the users are free to move at any point in the location using the interactive map feature. The users can also share these tours on websites, social media and mobile applications.

Get ready for every emergency with disaster management

Use the concept of virtual reality for disaster management. With this futuristic concept, the rescue operations would become quite easy and safe. The rescue team will be able to deliver rescue of victims without putting themselves in too much danger. The escape from any calamity would also become a lot easier with this service. With the help of panoramic visuals, the exits for escape can be found easily. This service is different from the conventional maps, as we are using real images for the navigation, allowing exact information to be delivered to the escapees. Moreover, the information can be provided in any format based on the crisis. For example, in the case of an electrical short circuit, the places with the risk of electrocution would be labeled as dangerous. Or in case of fire, places with inflammable materials will be labeled as dangerous. The possibilities are endless.

Know your upcoming projects with architectural visualization

If you are looking to expand your estate, then architectural visualization is a service curated for you. This service allows you to see how the architecture of your new property would look after completion. With this service, the educational institutions will be able to provide their feedback and perform corrections in the initial stages of development, leading to accurate structures and architecture.

Promote your business with VR Advertising and Marketing services

With experiential marketing taking over the advertising and marketing sphere, VR has become one of the mandatory services. The user will get personalized options and will be attracted to the services they are already attracted towards. This also means that the user will get the services and products they might need. The user will be able to experience the place and services in the virtual environment, making the chances of availing of the offer a lot easier.


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