About US

Design for the Modern World

Alt Ethos is a full-service agency driven by passion, creative vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit, specializing in Metaverse Design, Experiential Design, and XR Consultancy. Established in 2006, we work with brands in the entertainment, public spaces, and education industries to deliver unique and varied solutions that include Metaverse Design + Build, AR/VR, Interactive Installations, Projection Mapping, and brand activations.

In 2023, we strengthened our expertise in Metaverse Design through a strategic partnership with Rolling Dice Media and Oenten Studios. Our goal is to be a leader in this industry, always innovating and staying ahead of the curve.

At Alt Ethos, we are dedicated to creating engaging and interactive experiences that connect with audiences on a deeper level. Our team combines a keen design sense with a mastery of creative technology to produce innovative solutions that future-proof your brand. Whether it’s concept development or Metaverse execution, our goal is to ensure your success.

We believe in the power of interactivity and collaboration to create lasting connections, and we design experiential marketing engagements that connect with audiences on a deeper level. Working with physical and virtual worlds, we transform the way institutions, corporations, public spaces, themed entertainment venues, and movie producers tell stories.


Our Partnerships

Panasonic, Epson, Odyssey Metaverse, Rolling Dice Media, Eonten Studios