Take a fly-through this custom-designed 360 virtual environment, produced by Alt Ethos and used to host an immersive 360 virtual reality event. This global 500 company hosted this unique awards event for over 150 people. The end results were branded VR cardboard headsets sent to all attendees, unboxing event (tech support) 3 days prior to the live event, live event – real hologram speakers on stage, avatars in the audience, pre-recorded keynote and branding on all screens.



Event Results and Analysis:

Alt Ethos is excited to report a strong and consistent attendance rate for the duration of the program. Peak 184 out of the anticipated 160 attendees with a 94% retention rate. Compared to national averages for virtual events that report just a 50% conversion rate from those who registered to those who actually attended, the SkinCeuticals NSTM Awards Ceremony had a peak viewership of more than 100% the anticipated number of attendees (the anticipated number of attendees was 160 based on the number of headsets shipped).


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