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Alt Ethos Projection Mapping Car Showroom City projection

Projection Mapping

Transform your venue with stunning visuals, turning any surface into a dynamic canvas for unforgettable experiences.

Hybrid Events Portal

Virtual Reality

Immerse your guests in cutting-edge VR worlds, delivering unforgettable experiences that transport them beyond reality.

Alt Ethos Projection Mapping Illumious FoCo

Augmented Reality

Elevate your events with interactive AR experiences, seamlessly blending digital elements with the real world for enhanced engagement.

Holographic Window Display

Enchant passersby with captivating holographic scenes, creating eye-catching displays that bring windows to life.

Holographic Branding

Captivate your audience with holographic fans, strategically placed around your event to deliver a cutting-edge branding experience.

Alt Ethos Projection Mapping Illumious FoCo

LED Clouds

Enchant your events with ethereal LED clouds, creating a dreamy, atmospheric experience that mesmerizes guests.

Balloon Sculpture

Amaze guests with unique balloon sculptures enhanced by projection mapping, creating an interactive and eye-catching photo station.

360 video

Branded 360 Video

Immerse your audience in your brand’s story with unique 360 videos, delivered via branded VR headsets for a memorable take-home experience.

Alt Ethos Immersive Museum Design

Immersive Projection

Surround your audience with breathtaking visuals by projecting on four walls and the floor, creating a fully immersive environment.

Custom Fabrication

Create unforgettable experiences with custom builds like our 20′ x 20′ tube television, offering a unique space for immersive interactions and branding opportunities.

360 video

Metaverse Events

Revolutionize your virtual gatherings with immersive metaverse events, far beyond the typical Zoom meetings, offering dynamic and interactive virtual experiences.

Alt Ethos Immersive Museum Design


Transform your event with SuperHybrid solutions, combining physical and virtual elements for seamless, dynamic, and interactive experiences that engage both in-person and remote audiences.


Alt Ethos Digital Dome

Immersive Dome

Experience the awe of the Las Vegas Sphere with our immersive domes, creating a breathtaking 360-degree visual spectacle for your event.

360 video

LED Tunnel

Create a Grand Entrance with an LED tunnel that syncs lights to music, creating an electrifying, immersive walkthrough experience.

Alt Ethos Immersive Museum Design

Projection Tunnel

Enchant guests with a projection tunnel that surrounds them in vivid visuals, creating a fully immersive passageway experience.


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Client Success is at the heart of what we do.

I really enjoyed working with you… and I also really appreciate the ethos in Alt Ethos 🙂

Sarah Muehbauer

Virtual Events Cordinator, CODAWorx

“Working with the team was fascinating, the job was professionally executed, and the outcome exceeded our expectations.”

Matt Robenalt

Executive Director, Fort Collins, Colorado Downtown Development Authority

“[The Vikram World] was very successful from a user perspective and income we are very happy with.”

Nic Watt

CEO, Fantico Entertainment

Great event last night! I was really impressed with your designs.  It was a lot of fun just roaming – and of course, flying!

Kit Baker

virtual event attendee

“Alt Ethos is a great crew to work with! We have a project that the museum is proud of and that surprises and delights all of our guests!”

Ben Gondrez

Manager, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

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