To avoid being scammed by a snake oil salesman claiming to be a metaverse expert, look for red flags such as:

They insist on a narrow definition of the metaverse

-Right now, marketers are using the word “metaverse” to describe several overlapping concepts, such as a three-dimensional game world accessed through a two-dimensional screen, virtual reality experience accessed through a headset, or a network of virtual collectibles powered by blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. The Metaverse as a term and experience is vast and will continue to be defined through our experiences.

-However, if someone claims to be a metaverse expert but denies the existence or future potential of any one of these competing visions, then they don’t truly understand the space.

They don’t ask the right questions

Real metaverse experts understand the half-baked nature of the space as it currently stands and approaches it with pragmatism. If a purported metaverse builder or expert goes all-in on a brand’s plans without asking properly informed or even skeptical questions, it could indicate a focus on short-term wins over long-term sustainability.

They don’t have the right experience and background

Be wary of so-called experts whose involvement in the space seems to have materialized only recently. There are several new companies in the metaverse industry that simply jumped on an opportunity without the proper experience. Brands should look for experience in related industries when hiring their metaverse experts, such as gaming, marketing, experiential design, virtual reality, and blockchain tech.

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