During the Gather Verse Summit 2022, our CEO and founder, Ethan Bach, shared his story as a transgender business owner who is developing a Metaverse. In his talk, Ethan explains why transgender representation is so important and how it’s been squashed time and time in history.

The Gather Verse Summit is a global gathering discussing humanity-first standards of education, safety, privacy, wellness, equality, community development and accessibility in the next steps of the metaverse. This year, the Summit is expecting over 5,000 attendees to join more than 70 sessions about the metaverse.

“What if in the virtual world you had a safe space to express yourself and that actually saved your life?”

Ethan Bach, CEO and Founder, Alt Ethos

As we move forward with our own Pathos Metaverse, Alt Ethos is committed to allowing and fostering sustainability, inclusivity and diversity. ​​We strive to make human connections and interactions positive for the next evolution of humanity and endorse socially responsible initiatives such as the Gather Verse Summit.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Transgender People Feel Safe In The Metaverse

1. Respect trans people as equal citizens with equal rights. Craft a transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination policy.

2. Train all of your staff to know how to appropriately handle harassment of a transgender person. Hire a diversity trainer.

3. Personal Boundary, a safe area around your avatar

– February Meta announced  Personal Boundary

– 4 foot buffer where no one could come into your personal space

– So many harassments

– Everyone should adopt a similar feature

4. Categorizing your items of clothing by them “masculine” feminine” “gender neutral”.

5. Empower Transgender people to have ownership in the metaverse

– If you are teaching workshop for building consider having trans only or queer only workshops

6. Add Safe Space posters and banners in public spaces reminding people that you have a zero tolerance

7. Create Transgender Avatars – allow for mix match of gendered clothing, objects, etc

8. Allow people to display their preferred pronoun – she/her, they, he,

9. Create Queer and Transgender places to hang out

10. Create a transgender education center where anyone can be informed – maybe partner wish a non profit agency and offer your services.


Watch Ethan Bach’s talk on Gather Verse 2022: