LED Tunnel

Electric Walkway


The LED Light Tunnel is a bright and fun way to invite people into an immersive space. Great for selfies!


Starting at $5,000

Social Media Sharing

People love to share the LED Tunnel with their friends on social media. Encourage more social sharing by pairing a photographer with social connection.


  • Get your brand colors animated on the tunnel
  • The tunnel can be integrated with projection mapping or LED lighting colors for a full-room experience


  • Entrance
  • Selfie Station
  • Custom Sculpture


More Information


  • Installation time: 3 hours (depending on size)
  • Power needs: 10 Amp designated power
  • Lighting: A room with low ambient light works the best


Full Color LED “Neon Tube”

Small Tunnel
  • 16ft Length
Medium Tunnel
  • 40ft Length
Large Tunnel
  • 60ft Length
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