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Metaverse Design, Projection Mapping, LED Tunnels, Consulting, and XR experiences.

Our Ethos

Alt Ethos embodies innovation and authenticity. Beyond design, we’re reshaping experiential interactions. Merging technology with human connection, our ethos is rooted in creativity, collaboration, and vision. As we navigate the Metaverse, Immersive Design, and XR, our core values guide each transformative project, ensuring lasting impact and resonance.

8 Year in Business

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Popular Services

Transform your space and captivates audiences.
Harness innovative solutions to drive deeper engagements.
Elevate your presence.
Become the destination everyone seeks.


Analyzing, designing, reporting, presenting: elevate your brand with our bespoke digital consulting insights.

R&D Partnership

Collaborative R&D for
Cutting-Edge Immersive Experiences and XR Innovation

Interactive Projection Mapping

Enliven locations and captivate audiences with our advanced, permanent or temporary projection mapping solutions.

LED Tunnel

Illuminate, immerse, excite: LED and Projection Tunnels captivate, building unmatched anticipation in every step.


How We Transform Client Visions

XR Consulting

A Library’s Innovative Approach to Strengthening Community Bonds through Annual Tech Dialogues.

Metaverse World

A Case Study on Fan Engagement and NFT Integration for a Block Buster Cinematic Release.

Alt Ethos Projection Mapping Illumious FoCo

Projection Mapping

Enhancing Safety and Amplifying Foot Traffic for Engaging Urban Renewal.

Event Engagement

Turning an annual event into the year’s highlight with more selfies and smiles!


Virtual Event Engagement

Connection in the Metaverse, making virtual events  unforgettable.


Client Success is at the heart of what we do.

I really enjoyed working with you… and I also really appreciate the ethos in Alt Ethos 🙂

Sarah Muehbauer

Virtual Events Cordinator, CODAWorx

“Working with the team was fascinating, the job was professionally executed, and the outcome exceeded our expectations.”

Matt Robenalt

Executive Director, Fort Collins, Colorado Downtown Development Authority

“[The Vikram World] was very successful from a user perspective and income we are very happy with.”

Nic Watt

CEO, Fantico Entertainment

Great event last night! I was really impressed with your designs.  It was a lot of fun just roaming – and of course, flying!

Kit Baker

virtual event attendee

“Alt Ethos is a great crew to work with! We have a project that the museum is proud of and that surprises and delights all of our guests!”

Ben Gondrez

Manager, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

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The Looming Dangers of AI: Should We Fear the Future?

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