Robots, Meow Wolf and Talking to Strangers

Robots, Meow Wolf and Talking to Strangers

Creating Terrains for Educational Robots

Alt Ethos is proud of announcing a collaboration with High Plains Library District to start creating terrains and environments for educational robots. We can’t tell you all the details yet, but we can tell you that our initial concepts include an augmented sandbox that will allow users to replicate other planets terrain a robot race track that simulates the Light Cycle races in the movie Tron by creating an LED floor and include obstacles and jumps. We will have more updates on this project as soon as we’re able to, so stay tuned to our social channels InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.

Progress on the Meow Wolf Denver Building

Alt Ethos is right down the street from the new Meow Wolf location, so we get to see how rapidly it’s coming together. We are thrilled to see this come to life right in our backyard and excited to see this bring new life to Denver’s creative economy.
Check out this article by 303 Magazine documenting the progress so far.


Talking to Strangers Can Improve Your Mood!

A body of research has shown that we might be short-changing our own happiness by ignoring opportunities to connect with the people around us.

The mood boost of talking to strangers may seem fleeting, but the research on well-being, scientists say, suggests that a happy life is made up of a high frequency of positive events. Even small positive experiences — chatting with a stranger in an elevator — can make a difference.

Alt Ethos focuses on creating experiences that can facilitate connection and collaboration with every project.
Megan from Greeley, CO shared this with us after visiting our Musical Hopscotch installation with her family.

“We were very excited to have Alt Ethos do an installation in our town, and it did not disappoint. In addition to it being a beautiful piece in a space that welcomes beauty the interactive component creates a tiny community. Our son connected with complete strangers in a matter of minutes to play music together. We were all hopping around and laughing like kids. We hope to see more like these in our town and all over!”

The Experience Economy is Coming – Here’s What You Need to Know

The Experience Economy is Coming – Here’s What You Need to Know

Alt Ethos News- Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

Companies are quickly realizing that the most effective way to reach a broader audience is to approach them with a creative, 3-Dimensional experience. Give people an opportunity designed to suspend attention, live out their desires and sensibilities in the most immediate sense: Right before them. Whether this brightens their day or in some cases changes their life, it will leave an imprint.

Hubspot lists 7 companies whose approach captivated attention and brought unique delight.

Experiential Marketing is further amplified by the use of social media. Experiences grab audiences attention, social media allows them to spread the moment among their own circles. An experience is shared in the moment – Social media sharing effectively extends and measures these experiences in likes and shares.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this approach is in it’s genuineness. You may find that it’s much harder to scroll past an experience than an ad; Trust me, I’ve tried both. As humans we’ve molded our creations as extensions of ourselves. Experiential Design extends our reach one step further, inviting groups to interact with design and most importantly have fun.

Give people something which involves their participation. Let them draw, press a button, swipe a card, play a game, in short – express themselves, and they’ll be inclined to share with friends. The challenge isn’t in getting people to interact. We naturally want to interact. How often are we given the opportunity?

As companies evolve so should their images. Reinvention is necessary to stay fresh. Showing another dimension spikes intrigue and can bring people who may normally never meet together in one place.

Now you may be wondering “If Experiential Design is so great why isn’t everyone applying it?” which is an excellent question. My answer is twofold:

Experiential campaigns characteristically range in cost, complexity, creativeness and duration. Quality Experiential Marketing studios will consider budget, scope, customers and message all thoroughly planning along side in transparency. The key ingredient is creativity.

Experiential Design lives in our everyday environments though we may not recognize it as such. This is largely because the term is fairly new and as not widely associated with a specific title. Our attention is commonly more focused on the gesture itself than penning it with a specific term. Now consider these recent studies:

Customer Experience is the Future of Design. Adopting practices that elevate the customer experience will undoubtedly produce a return on investment and provide a steady foundation for your brand.” – UX Magazine, 2016.

Experiential Design increases brand awareness by 81% and increases a deeper customer involvement by 57%”. – “Brand Survey Report”, Event Marketer, 2015.

Experiential Design activates chemicals in the brain: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins; These increase happiness, productivity, and customer loyalty.”“The Neurochemicals of Happiness” Psychology Today and Technology Advice, 2014.

To learn more, here are a few of our favorite posts on Experiential Design:

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Matt Maes is a Denver animator focused on immersive and interactive technology. He is Chief Influence Officer of Alt Ethos, Ltd and is also an executive member of the nonprofit organization Denver Arts and Technology Advancement (D.A.T.A.)