How the Metaverse will shape the Future of Sports Fan Engagement

How the Metaverse will shape the Future of Sports Fan Engagement

The metaverse is a concept that has been floating around for a while now, and with good reason. It holds a lot of potential for many industries, especially when it comes to fan engagement such as in the sports industry. In case you’re not familiar with the term, the metaverse refers to a “shared, virtual space” where people can interact with each other and with digital content. This could be anything from a more primitive gamified expensive like Roblox to a fully-fledged immersive virtual world with photo-realistic experiences like our favorite platform at Alt Ethos.

The potential implications of the metaverse for sports are huge. For one thing, it could completely change the way we interact with our favorite teams and athletes. Imagine being able to attend a virtual version of the Super Bowl or the World Cup, or even just your local team’s game. You would be able to chat with other fans in real time, cheer on your team, and maybe even buy some virtual souvenirs or memorabilia.

Another potential benefit of the metaverse is that it would allow fans to engage with their favorite athletes in a more personal way. Imagine being able to ask LeBron James for advice on your basketball game, or getting tips from Cristiano Ronaldo on how to improve your soccer skills. The possibilities are endless.

The metaverse has the potential to change the way sports are marketed and sponsored. Brands would be able to create virtual versions of their products that fans could use or try out in the metaverse or click and buy immediately. For example, Puma could create a virtual shoe store where fans can try on shoes and see how they look before they buy them. Or Adidas could create a virtual stadium where fans can experience what it’s like to be in the stands at an actual game.

The potential implications of the metaverse for sports are huge and far-reaching. It could completely change the way we interact with our favorite teams and athletes, and open up new possibilities for marketing and sponsorship. While it’s still early days yet, it’s exciting to think about all the ways that the metaverse could shape the future of sports.


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This week “Future-Proofing Museums & New Realities”

This week “Future-Proofing Museums & New Realities”


Themed Future-Proofing Museums & New Realities, the New Mexico Association of Museums (NMAM) will offer their annual conference in an innovative, live-streaming format. Alt Ethos experiential design studios hosts NMAM’s 2020 virtual event. Alt Ethos’ CEO, Ethan Bach will present at the conference, as will his 14-year-old daughter who will hold a demonstration in Minecraft. Over 40 talented speakers in the Museum industry will present at this year’s annual conference. The conference is held November 4-6, 2020. Registration for the conference starts  at $38 . You can register here.

The conference theme, Future-Proofing Museums & New Realities, will explore the process of anticipating, coping, and preparing for future impacts beyond our immediate control. Changes in our world, including climate change, technological advances, shifting demographics, and a global pandemic are transforming all aspects of museum and cultural work, from marketing and fundraising, policies and procedures, and collections management, to visitor experience.

NMAM, a professional interest group for the museum field, is leading by example as they continue to provide their network with professional development and support. Museums are faced with site closures, staff reductions, budget cuts, and even the specter of permanent closure. According to NMAM President Adrienne Trunk Boggs: “We cannot allow this to happen in New Mexico. Museums are key to our social recovery from Coronavirus. The nature of how we serve our communities must evolve to ensure that museums remain relevant for the next seven generations.”

Ethan Bach DomeAlt Ethos’s CEO, Ethan Bach will speak on technology, museums, and the future. He has a long history with NMAM and it’s partners. Bach served at the Institute of American Indian Arts for over ten years with his most recent role as the Digital Dome Director where he led 360 research and education at the Digital Dome @ IAIA. Bach also provided media consulting and services for the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs during his time living in Santa Fe. 

The featured keynote address will be delivered by noted Chicana writer and cultural activist Denise Chavez and the full program includes half-day workshops, interactive networking opportunities, a variety of streaming multimedia productions, a virtual expo and tech showcase for vendors and sponsors, and live sessions on a variety of themes, including online learning, planning for continued disruption, human rights, and cultural equity. The program will culminate with live virtual exhibit tours. “It’s an honor to collaborate with NMAM to ease them into their first virtual conference. 

The New Mexico Association of Museums (NMAM) Annual Conference is held November 4-6, 2020. Basic Registration for the conference is just $38. You can get your registration here.