Building and Engaging Your Community During COVID-19 Challenges

Building and Engaging Your Community During COVID-19 Challenges

COVID-19 has cost our nation so much in 2020. It has cost many individuals and small business owners their financial security, while others are struggling to cope with major changes in their duties as parents, employees, and leaders. Even for those who have not been directly impacted by loss of income or life, physical distancing limitations have put daily routines on hold and replaced them with something foreign and uncertain. 

However, for some of us, these limitations have sparked creativity. Humans crave connection and we need it now more than ever; but our ideas of connection are changing to meet the demands of COVID-19. One of the ways in which this is happening is through the annual Thornton Dia de los Muertos celebration in the City of Thornton. 

Traditionally, the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated in Thornton with a festival of food, drink, traditional art, and other activities to celebrate Mexican culture. However, due to COVID-19, the celebration was almost canceled this year. In an effort to replace the live event, the City of Thornton reached out to Alt Ethos to see if we could create something new.

Our team decided that instead of looking to replace the event with a substitutional virtual experience, we’d create something entirely new. We created a hybrid design that allowed for flexibility in a time of changing circumstances. Due to the increasing COVID cases in Adams County, our hybrid event that included the drive by in the park projections paired with an interactive online engagement easily into an engaging multilayer online experience on short notice. The event information was changed and with ease we have maintained the community engagement through this important event.

Día de los Muertos - Thornton, Colorado Day of the Dead Celebration

We are happy to announce that this year, from November 1-3, you’ll be able to enjoy Dia de los Muertos in a virtual interactive art experience from your home and engage in real-time with friends and relatives.  

We’ve created an easy browser accessible app that allows participants to create collaborative works of art from any connected device. We present a live drawing tool that lets guests create fluid visual art virtually, in real-time, and in collaboration with other users. All artworks will be themed in traditional Dia de los Muertos styles, but feature modern concepts from at-home artists in Colorado. By using trusted technologies in modern ways, we are able to keep these traditions alive. All this while enjoying dancing and mariachi music. 

Community engagement doesn’t have to be put on hold because of COVID-19. In fact, Alt Ethos is able to create 4x the participant engagement via virtual events as compared to traditional live events. Our original design included a drive by/park experience, but due to changes in country COVID regulations, we quickly and smoothly modified the project to fit the needs of modern times. Because Thornton residents don’t have to be physically present in order to enjoy the activities, more are able to tune in and make lasting memories and even connect with family and friends that are far away.



4 Ways Alt Ethos’ Virtual Events Keep Companies and Clients Connected During Crisis

4 Ways Alt Ethos’ Virtual Events Keep Companies and Clients Connected During Crisis

Due to the global health pandemic, the landscape of the events industry is changing.

Countless in-person events – SXSW, the 74th Annual Tony Awards, and the Cannes International Film Festival, to name just a few – have been canceled or postponed in the past few months.

Meanwhile, other events like the REV’d Up Media Summit, Burning Man festival, F8 (Facebook’s live annual event), and Microsoft’s Build annual event will carry on. How?

They’re going virtual.


Today’s technology makes it possible to host full-scale events 100% online, keeping companies and organizations connected to their employees, clients, and customers even in times of crisis. Alt Ethos is leading the way for our clients by offering a wide range of engaging virtual event solutions for online conferences, events, and more that can be customized to fit any business’ needs.

Alt Ethos offers the best online streaming tools available, but we don’t stop there. We want our clients to be able to continue fully serving their employees and customers in creative and interactive ways that are memorable and meaningful. No matter what the event needs, Alt Ethos has a solution.

Check out four ways we help companies and organizations stay connected with their employees and clients.

Alt Ethos has an all-in-one solution for your events that bring conference and convention content straight to people’s homes. With the capacity to live stream keynote presentations with simultaneous break out sessions, our client’s event attendees can experience the full range of conference offerings.

We bring the face-to-face impact of conferences into a single company experience through video conference calling for small groups, virtual parties and shows with live VJs and performers, and virtual tours.

Alt Ethos takes care of everything. Our real-time professional streaming service accommodates everything from small private breakout group streaming and keynote events with thousands of viewers.” Plus we either send our cinematographer to our clients with 4k streaming or work with their cinematographer and remotely manage the event. We also offer custom takeaways and conference experiences mailed to the guest’s door.

Need something a little more creative? Our virtual world tours and events are fun, unique experiences people remember long after they’re done. We offer the following virtual experiences:

Second Life Tours
Second Life is one of the longest-running virtual world environments of all. From museum tours to themed destination tours, attendees can experience space exploration, natural disasters, dance clubs, Irish folklore, skill gaming, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Virtual Experiences
We also offer customizable Virtual World experiences, where our designers create custom virtual environments for private events of up to 100 guests. This allows our clients to recreate their office, venue, or creative destination in 3D and throw events virtually.

We also create private virtual environments for highest-quality customizable experiences that include a streaming video input, voice and text chat among participants, and customizable avatars. These experiences are great for co-working and team projects.

Alt Ethos custom experiential virtual design is a great addition to any virtual party. Create a truly unique virtual experience that your group will keep talking about afterward.


Host meetings while sticking to social distancing guidelines with our Virtual Meeting experience. We create branded meeting environments, complete with logos and banners and the ability to cast video, images, or presentations on-screen. These experiences provide that in-person feel and can be attended with or without virtual reality headsets.


Alt Ethos is an experiential design studio creating meaningful moments for communities. The environments, installations, and objects we are designing for a rapidly growing clientele use light, sound, and technology to transform the everyday experience and promote creativity and well-being.

Alt Ethos brings years of steaming expertise to the table, and our virtual environments and experiential design for shared experiences create connection and engagement. Have us customize a virtual environment specific for your business or event, or join us in Alt Ethos’ virtual studio and event space.

Learn More About Alt Ethos
Want to create your own unique and memorable virtual conference or workshop experience but not sure where to start? We can help! Visit our website to learn more, or schedule a call to talk with our experts about your virtual event needs.

Denver Design Company Alt Ethos Aids COVID-19 Research

Denver Design Company Alt Ethos Aids COVID-19 Research

Here at Alt Ethos we thrive on finding creative and innovative ways to solve problems and help our community. The COVID-19 world crisis is no different.  “We watched everything unfold as businesses were closed and friends and colleagues lost their jobs,” Ethan Bach says. “We wanted to help.”

We are using our powerful computer to run protein simulations of the COVID-19 virus to help understand how they function, providing new opportunities to develop a cure. Using the distributed computing project Folding@home, our computers now join thousands of other computers around the world to create a supercomputer. You can read the latest Westworld Article on this project here: Denver Design Company Alt Ethos Aids COVID-19 Research.

Stay up to date with the Folding@home progress on our social media: Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

Closing Out The Year With A Bang!

Closing Out The Year With A Bang!


Alt Ethos Opening Celebration For New Studio and Innovation Center

This is a new chapter for Alt Ethos!
Our team worked fiercely to get our new studio ready for our grand opening while also managing multiple projects. The grand opening was an absolute blast and we are so thankful to everyone that came out to join us.

You can find more photos from our party on our Venue Rental page




Alt Ethos New Studio and Innovation Center

Our new state-of-the-art immersive space can be rented for events and parties. Our unique space allows you to include many of our popular installations.
– Projection Mapping
– Digital Mirrors
– LED Tunnel
– LED Clouds

and more!

Click the button below to see more details and pricing.




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We are constantly adding to our portfolio and our new agile website will keep you up-to-date on our offerings.
Alt Ethos is Throwing an Immersive Party in Denver

Alt Ethos is Throwing an Immersive Party in Denver

Alt Ethos is celebrating the grand opening of its state-of-the-art studio and innovation center, opening the doors to creative designers and artists throughout Denver.

[Denver, Colorado, 11/19/2019] Alt Ethos is celebrating the grand opening of their new studio and Innovation Center in Denver. This Innovation Center will increase public access to various Alt Ethos experiential design projects in an expansive event space. The grand opening celebration includes live music by DJ Jason Guava, interactive experiences, food, and drinks for all. Please join us for a public unveiling Friday, December 13, 2019, at 7:30pm to 11pm at 2505 West 2nd Ave #11, Denver, CO 80219. Free tickets to this event are available via Eventbrite.
The opening features interactive immersive projections, an LED tunnel, a 360 digital dome, and Technicolor LED clouds. These award-winning installations are constructing the future of design to offer unique work that transcends expectations. Alt Ethos creates immersive and interactive storytelling for all ages that disrupts the mundane and inspires the imagination.
This immersive event space celebrates many works Alt Ethos has been providing for Northern Colorado which are now part of the self-guided Alt Ethos Experiential Tour. The event also provides potential new hires to meet with the Alt Ethos team as they are hiring for several administrative and creative positions.

Alt Ethos was founded in 2016 by Ethan Bach, and is run by a team of Denver’s finest digital designers and developers. Bach is also the founder of Alt Ethos’ sister company, Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA), a nonprofit that provides educational resources in the fields of technology, design, and creative arts. DATA will host educational workshops and other events in their new shared location.

Please join us to experience the expansion of the Alt Ethos and DATA headquarters that will change the landscape for Denver’s technology industries. It will be a night to remember.The grand opening celebration includes live music by DJ Guava, interactive experiences, and food and drinks for all. The public unveiling is Friday, December 13, 2019, at 7:30pm to 11pm at 2505 West 2nd Ave #11, Denver, CO 80219. Free tickets to this event are available via Eventbrite


Contact: Ethan Bach
Telephone: (303) 800-4243

Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell Proclaims New Holiday Celebrating the Arts & Technology

Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell Proclaims New Holiday Celebrating the Arts & Technology

Alt Ethos, an experiential design company in Denver, was invited by Wade Troxell, Mayor of the City of Fort Collins, to proclaim October 15, 2019 as Empowerment Through Creative Technology Day. This proclamation has recently been enacted by the Mayor as a means to encourage citizens to explore the creative arts through technological applications and renew a sense of pride for the cultural diversity found within the community. The reasons for this proclamation and celebration of creative technology are many. Alt Ethos, a company at the forefront of a movement to bring creative technology applications to the mainstream, is supported by many fellow private and public organizations. The proclamation is in line with the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority’s dedication to economic development through technology and creative arts. The Downtown Development Authority recently put its Downtown Alley Master Plan into place, which encourages the conversion of local alleys into interactive art and technologically-driven displays. These public arts not only offer free public access to an immersive, child- and pet-friendly experience, but encourages new storefronts due to greater economic activity in otherwise low-traffic areas. The Downtown Development Authority worked with Alt Ethos in 2018 to complete the first of many interactive wall murals in accordance with the Downtown Alley Master Plan. The murals, painted by local artist Peeta, were transformed by Alt Ethos into an animated visual display. Using projection mapping technology, passersby can control the movement of the mural through simple movements. The project, titled “Illuminous,” is free for pedestrians to experience and enjoy in historic Old Town. In light of the proclamation for Empowerment Through Creative Technology Day, Alt Ethos founder, Ethan Bach, is excited to advance several new projects for the company. They have recently entered and won a Young Industry Professionals Award for a similar public arts project, and in the past spring partnered with Anythink Libraries to openly construct an interactive sculpture, combining elements of sound, light, and motion to encourage young minds to explore the opportunities in design and creative technology.

Alt Ethos is currently accepting invitations for new interactive community and commercial design projects, aimed at connecting crowds to their surroundings in novel and powerful mediums. To learn more about Alt Ethos, visit their website at or call their Denver office at 303-800-4243.

You can view Alt Ethos’ interactive projection mapped mural “Illuminous” at and
You can view the video of Mayor Troxell’s proclamation at

Contact: Ethan Bach
Telephone: (303) 800-4243