Robots, Meow Wolf and Talking to Strangers

Robots, Meow Wolf and Talking to Strangers

Creating Terrains for Educational Robots

Alt Ethos is proud of announcing a collaboration with High Plains Library District to start creating terrains and environments for educational robots. We can’t tell you all the details yet, but we can tell you that our initial concepts include an augmented sandbox that will allow users to replicate other planets terrain a robot race track that simulates the Light Cycle races in the movie Tron by creating an LED floor and include obstacles and jumps. We will have more updates on this project as soon as we’re able to, so stay tuned to our social channels InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for the latest updates.

Progress on the Meow Wolf Denver Building

Alt Ethos is right down the street from the new Meow Wolf location, so we get to see how rapidly it’s coming together. We are thrilled to see this come to life right in our backyard and excited to see this bring new life to Denver’s creative economy.
Check out this article by 303 Magazine documenting the progress so far.


Talking to Strangers Can Improve Your Mood!

A body of research has shown that we might be short-changing our own happiness by ignoring opportunities to connect with the people around us.

The mood boost of talking to strangers may seem fleeting, but the research on well-being, scientists say, suggests that a happy life is made up of a high frequency of positive events. Even small positive experiences — chatting with a stranger in an elevator — can make a difference.

Alt Ethos focuses on creating experiences that can facilitate connection and collaboration with every project.
Megan from Greeley, CO shared this with us after visiting our Musical Hopscotch installation with her family.

“We were very excited to have Alt Ethos do an installation in our town, and it did not disappoint. In addition to it being a beautiful piece in a space that welcomes beauty the interactive component creates a tiny community. Our son connected with complete strangers in a matter of minutes to play music together. We were all hopping around and laughing like kids. We hope to see more like these in our town and all over!”

Let Alt Ethos Take Your Event To The Next Level

Let Alt Ethos Take Your Event To The Next Level

Curating unique experiences for audiences is becoming an essential part of any event. These carefully crafted experiences leave people with a memorable experience associated with your brand. People love to share their amazing experiences via social media, so having an experience that is easily captured and tags to associate it with are key. Check out Ex Awards list of the best experiential marketing campaigns of 2019 and see examples of how brands are taking their events to the next level. Alt Ethos can help with our popular interactive rental items as well as custom designed experiences to make your vision come to life.


Celebrate 10 years of Anythink with whimsical experiences and dynamic entertainment by Alt Ethos

Anythink Foundation’s most-talked-about fundraiser, returns September 7, 2019 for an evening of food, drink and creativity. Anythink Library is dedicated to supporting innovative thinking and creating. Alt Ethos will be there showcasing our latest experiments with holographic and hidden displays. Stay tuned to our social channels FacebookInstagram and Twitter as we will be experimenting more with different forms of holograms. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to, so don’t miss out and get your tickets soon! RSVP Here


Alt Ethos Selfie Stations For Your Next Event

We provide several unique rental items that draw people to interact, dance and take pictures with. We offer items like our Balloon WallDigital Mirrors and a human sized kaleidoscope. Most of them can also be branded with specific logos, colors and themes to match the event. Head over to our rentals page on our website to see if we can help provide a memorable experience for your next event. We also have items that aren’t listed, and we would love to hear your vision to see if we can help bring your ideas to life!

Reach out to our producer Erin to discuss ideas and details here

July Updates

July Updates


Celebrate 10 years of Anythink with whimsical experiences and dynamic entertainment by Alt Ethos

Anythink Foundation’s most-talked-about fundraiser, returns September 7, 2019 for an evening of food, drink and creativity. Anythink Library is dedicated to supporting innovative thinking and creating. Alt Ethos will be there showcasing our latest experiments with holographic displays. Stay tuned to our social channels FacebookInstagram and Twitter as we will be experimenting more with different forms of holograms. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to, so don’t miss out and get your tickets soon!


 A 360-degree art festival unlike any other it has offered before

This is a very special year for CRUSH WALLS and we are honored and thrilled to be a sponsor for this event! We will be teaming up with an artist and projection mapping their work for a night time activation in the heart of RiNo. We love the amount of style, technique, and creativity this festival brings together.

Keep an eye on our social when we announce which artist we’ll be collaborating with. Also, check out the video of our permanent projection mapped mural in Fort Collins painted by Italian artist Peeta.


Pagosa Springs Road Trip for Professional Development

Sometimes you have to step away from the computer

We’ll be heading south to Pagosa Springs, CO to learn and sharpen our skills with our business coach Royce Gomez. She is an expert in business strategies that catalyze growth in short periods of time. We love learning from her and we want to bring the best to our clients, so we can have successful, long-lasting relationships.

We will also be taking advantage of some down time to relax our brains and our muscles in the amazing hot springs surrounded by the San Juan Mountains.

Create an Immersive Event with the Balloon Hive

Create an Immersive Event with the Balloon Hive

The hardest part of event planning is coming up with unique event ideas to make your occasion memorable. You can go the route of games and an open bar and risk the chance of your event blending with all others that have done the same, or you can stand out by going the Alt Ethos route.

Alt Ethos provides creative technology to transform your physical environment to engage your audience with your organization, products, and purpose. One of our popular rentals is the Balloon Hive, an immersive projection that’s perfect for any event and any audience.

AltEthos_ Balloon Hive

What is the Balloon Hive?

The Balloon Hive is a mass created with balloons of various sizes with a completely customizable projection cast on their surface. The Balloon Hive can custom fit to a variety of spaces and grows in a modular fashion outward to reshape any wall into a billowing display of light.

Each construction of the Balloon Hive makes for a unique event decoration and can be abstracted from a stage to a fully reformed room. This texturally rich space brings added dimension to your projection! The varying sizes of balloons that make up the wall allow for an exciting and captivating experience.


Why the Balloon Hive? 

The Balloon Hive is an immersive projection onto balloon surfaces that can be easily customized and installed. Use it for your next stage background, a selfie station, or unique backdrop! The uses are as versatile as the Hive itself.

If you take a look at Big Green’s annual Modern Fairytale Fundraiser, you’ll see while the fantastical theme of the Wizard of Oz is fun, the giant Balloon Hive behind the main stage is the star of the night. You can also see another one of our interactive rentals, the Cloud Chandeliers, as a part of the event.

Experiential Design Paradigm: Museum Design for Today’s Generation

Experiential Design Paradigm: Museum Design for Today’s Generation

Traditional exhibits are losing their luster for modern audiences. In a digital age where everything from your phone to your TV experience is interactive, there is little room for static learning and entertainment. Museums that do not make the paradigm shift into the digital age will fade into the background with the next generation if they haven’t already.

Museums that thrive in today’s educational sectors are proactively changing the way they execute new experiential exhibits. Interactive exhibits are the new forefront in museum expansion, as they encourage exploratory learning in ways that traditional exhibits simply do not.

Shifting your own paradigm is essential to ensure your museum is relevant to younger audiences and local institutions. The “show and tell” structure of most museums is outdated and will be replaced by interactive learning experiences that allow guests to immerse themselves in a new world.


Experiential Museum DesignWhy Museums Need Interactive Exhibits

Experiential design has opened the doors for museums and historical sites to make deeper connections to patrons and the community at large. An experience that a visitor can remember and connect with on an emotional level is much more powerful than a quote or an image they observe hanging on a wall. As technology expands in the museum and art space, there are more possibilities for education to flourish within the community.

Your museum is competing with many other forms of entertainment, from concerts to festivals, art shows, and more. In order to draw attention outside the realm of school districts, you will need to offer interactive elements that draw in crowds. Whether your experiential design includes art modalities, technology, or unique physical environments, it must offer the same emotional connection that other mediums of digital art provide.

The intertwining of technology with physical environments will make your museum relevant even amidst the ever-growing world of digital entertainment. People want to learn; however, you must engage them in a way that doesn’t produce stagnation.


Tips for Success:

Choosing relevant content. The most crucial element to any experiential design is the subject matter. Even the best design can’t engage an audience if the content itself is not relevant or important to the user. Choosing content that is modern, unique, and relevant to your community is the only way to ensure your experiential designs make an impact.

Releasing control is a good thing. For a long time, the museum model was stagnant, giving all control to the curators and none to the visitors. However, experiential design invites the visitor into a realm in which they can make their own choices, and experience the exhibit or infrastructure in the way that they want. Museums may find it intimidating to allow users to create their own experiences, but the possibilities are limitless when you put education in the hands of those who crave it.

Involve physical activity and social interaction. Physical and social activity help to immerse your visitors into the world that you’ve created for them. Social interaction creates positive feelings and memories associated with your exhibit, which will encourage visitors to plan future visits with friends. Physical activity immerses the user into the exhibit, rather than having them observe and learn, and also instills the memory deeply in the mind. Both of these elements will set your exhibit apart.

At AltEthos, we help museum curators design and develop experiential exhibits that make the museum experience not only relevant, but modern and unique. Our innovative models and forward-thinking mindset help us to create experiential designs that are both educational and immersive. When planning your next exhibit, see what AltEthos can help you achieve.

Public Art in Developing Communities

Public Art in Developing Communities

Developing communities are a true artist’s dream. They are a blank canvas upon which creativity can be carved from nothing. The essence of public art especially fosters creativity in ways other art forms do not. Digital design, sculpture, and architecture can all create the groundwork for a community thriving in culture. However, planning and investment of creative resources must be utilized carefully to create public art that has meaning and impact. 

What is Public Art?

Public art, simply put, is architecture, murals, sculpture, or digital designs that are created in the public domain. They are accessible to all and are used to create beauty and culture within an otherwise purely pragmatic space. Public art has been an important part of community development since the early 20th century. It can encourage collaboration and community involvement that provides a sense of pride to area residents.

Public art can include city sculpture, architecture, wall art, and other mediums accessible by the public. Traditionally, public art has included sculpture, murals, ecological design, and occasionally digital displays. However, in the digital age we are seeing an influx of interactive public art designed for user interaction, or experiential design. This trend is slowly but surely gaining traction in areas where community development takes on an innovative approach.

The Problem with Public Art as a Part of Community Development

Public art can contribute to culture and residential satisfaction, however in most community development projects, it is taken very lightly. Oftentimes the limited budget for public art is taken from the same budget that provides for affordable housing or roadway improvements. When residents see an eyesore art piece coupled with potholes and underdeveloped residential areas, public art can quickly turn into the lowest priority for community members. 

Developing communities have the opportunity to make public art more than an afterthought.

Many developers don’t pay attention to the inclusion of public art, but it can make an impact on community areas if done correctly. An art piece that has cultural meaning, modern relevance, and interactive elements will be cherished by residents and worth the time and investment.

How to Make Public Art Valuable to the Community at Large

Instead of going the traditional route, many developers are leaning towards digital, interactive public art to include in their community projects. Experiential designs and digital media displays are modern, unique, and engage community members to give them experiences, not just stagnant aesthetics.

Creations of installation art, interactive architecture, interactive film, and interactive storytelling through digital landscapes all offer communities more to experience and enjoy. An interactive public art piece where residents can make memories, tell their own stories, and unleash creativity adds exponentially more value than a static piece commissioned by one local artist. With experiential design, community members become the creators. When this happens, public art matters.

These digital interactive pieces can transform an area into a more modern community. It attracts community members to otherwise declining economic areas, offering a springboard of inspiration to make more out of a community development project.

For examples of experiential design in community development projects and other public spaces, check out some of AltEthos’ current and past projects.

AltEthos works with community developers, landscape designers, and local artists to bring visions into interactive experience landscapes that can transform communities. Change the way people see, feel, and live in your community by adding real value in the form of public art. The change starts now with AltEthos.

Alt Ethos Open House – November 2nd!

Alt Ethos Open House – November 2nd!

Please join us on First Friday, November 2nd for our next open house! We are so excited to show you what we have been working on and celebrate fall with food, drinks, and community. Come see what we have in store for this event and also check out what our creative neighbors have on display.

Throughout the evening, we will be showcasing some of our latest and in-development works, as well as Virtual Reality Painting and Buzz Wire Game! You can also view the work of over 50 other artists and creative businesses. Meet the creators, learn about their behind the scenes processes and see their creative spaces in person.

There is no admission fee and plenty of accessible parking so that you can easily enjoy the best of the Denver creative community all under one roof. Music, libations (hot cocoa, anyone?), and interactive art – what could be better?

The open house will be held on Friday, November 2nd, 2018 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at Prism Workspaces 999 Vallejo Street, Denver Colorado. Alt Ethos is located through entrance 2 at space #30. Don’t miss it!

Alt Ethos Brings Excitement to Your Holiday Event

Alt Ethos Brings Excitement to Your Holiday Event

Alt Ethos has some new offerings coming this holiday season that will help take your event to the next level. Whether you are hosting a private holiday event, winter festival, or public art activation, we want to help you celebrate by offering 10% off your next event rental. You will not want to miss booking our newest event rental: LytenUp. Also, be sure to check out our activations in October at the Far Out Factory and Denver Performing Arts Center to get inspiration for your own event.


Book Alt Ethos’ Newest Event Rental

LytenUp transforms your movements into vivid light projections and then captures the most energetic moments as GIF / Boomerang-style video loops that you can share. Choose several designs from the touchscreen menu and provide customized text for your event.


Jump, dance, wave, or just stand there and smile … LytenUp reacts to your movements and transforms your energy into vibrant beams of light. Create your own GIF/Boomerang-Style Video Booth!

Join Us at Denver Performing Arts Complex

Throughout the fall and winter, Alt Ethos is bringing an interactive lighting installation to the Denver Performing Arts Complex. We are transforming an unassuming and overlooked patch of wall in DPAC’s Galleria space with an installation that fuses interactive light and technology with a beautifully designed modular wall construction. The result is an installation that reacts to its surrounding environment and responds to the movements of passersby along with the shifting patterns of wind that flow through the Galleria. These “inputs” drive vibrant, evolving LED light animations behind a layer of intricately patterned transparent glass. The installation will be active from until February 2019.

Join Us at the Far Out Factory, Saturday, October 13


Alt Ethos is brings an environment of wonder with our LED interactive Cloud Chandeliers, projection mapped Balloon Hive, and 2 Digital Mirrors. Far Out Factory, presented by Openvape, is like no other festival you’ve experienced before. We’re taking over an old factory building to create a truly radical experience inspired by Colorado cannabis. Wander from bay to bay on the factory floor and discover interactive exhibitions sponsored by Meow Wolf, tasty munchies from food trucks, and local craft beverages alongside live tunes and local art performances.

Seattle, October 16 – 19th, Augmented Reality Trade Show Activation

Our Producer, Paul Elsberg, will be in Seattle working with one of our clients applying our custom designed Augmented Reality Trade Show activation. We had great success with them in Texas and now we are hitting the road. Want to make a meeting with Paul? He can be reached at 303-800-4243 x702. Learn more at our blog: “How Augmented Reality Drastically Increases Trade Show Engagement”.

Coming Up

Mark your calendar – Our next open house is November 2nd!
Come check out our fun interactive offerings, meet the team, and enjoy the work of over 60 artists at Prism Workspaces. We will have food, drink and music. Event details: 5:30pm to 9:30pm at Prism Workplaces 999 Vallejo Street, Denver Colorado. Alt Ethos is located through entrance 2 at space #30.

We would love to help with your event. Please email or give me a call at 303-800-4243 x700.

Ethan Bach, CEO

Paint and Pixels: Synthesis of Old and New

Paint and Pixels: Synthesis of Old and New

For decades, murals have been an essential form of creative placemaking in urban spaces that are designed to brighten local communities through art. Alt Ethos is transforming the impact and nature of murals through augmenting them with projection mapping and real-time motion graphics. This synthesis of old and new combines visual artistry with state of the art technology to explore a new creative medium designed for public engagement.

Projection mapping casts pixels on a surface in a way that is similar to how a painter casts paint onto a blank canvas. Both techniques create beauty and evoke emotions, but the former offers its viewers the opportunity to imagine themselves within the canvas and experience visual content that is dynamic.

How Projection Mapping Works

If you’ve ever been to a movie theatre or watched a powerpoint presentation, you probably understand basic projection. On that most basic level, light is displayed onto a flat surface to produce an image or video. In projection mapping, the same concept is applied to 3D objects, creating visual content with an emphasis on 3D form.

Projection mapping offers the ability to turn a mural into a dynamic piece of video art during the night time hours. The murals can be as simplistic or intricate as desired and the visuals can be tied to a variety of interactions that connect the audience and surrounding environment with the placemaking activation.

This transformative creative technology opens immense possibilities to engage audiences and embrace the creative placemaking that has propelled many murals into the urban landscape. Now both a daytime and nighttime engagement are a reality.

At night, the piece transforms based on the motion of viewers as they pass – encouraging audiences to impact their visual experience through motion and the passage of time. This creates a “community first” dynamic, drawing audiences of all ages into an environment where they collaborate to transform a piece of architecture.

Alt Ethos Mural Project

This approach has been at the heart of Alt Ethos’ latest project, a nighttime interactive mural in collaboration with world renowned Italian artist Peeta. Peeta was the perfect partner for the first iteration of this new technology as his conic twisting forms, starting from a digital model, create a playground for visual content opportunities.

If you are interested in exploring the social and economic benefit of this new creative technology, please drop us a line at hello@altethos.com