Bridging the gap between the Metaverse and the Physical

It’s not
it’s Cross-World Communication

There are many problems with current events hybrid strategies. One of the most significant is that they’re siloed, which means you can’t engage your audience in both physical and digital spaces without having separate campaigns.

Attendance at events can be difficult for those who live far away or have other commitments in real life which make attending an inconvenient time period of their schedule. Hybrid is necessary but at what cost of the experience, the sponsor engagement, and the networking?

Sponsor and attendee engagement has been a major issue for many years. The lack of connection with global audiences is only getting worse, which means sponsors are left feeling ignored. Creative thinking is an essential tool in our new world engagement.

Market Opportunity

  • 86% of B2B organizations see a positive ROI of their hybrid events 7 months after the event date.
  • 81% of event organizers say that networking capabilities are a key contributor to audience satisfaction of hybrid events.
  • 34% of event organizers expect to invest more in hybrid events in the next few years.With the advances in technology, hybrid events are more popular than ever. The future of this trend seems bright as superhybridizations provide new ways for brands to get their message out and connect with audiences on an emotional level!Other Market Uses – Immersive Storytelling, Museums, Retail, Live Performances, Immersive Art Experience, Touring Immersive Shows, Branding Activations…

What is SuperHybrid?

SuperHybrid is a technology that integrates the onsite event virtually in 3D, with all of the opportunities, experiences, and benefits of the in-person event. It connects the Metaverse and the physical world to create networking solutions across both virtual and physical seamlessly. In other words, a SuperHybrid event seamlessly connects virtual and in-person experiences, each part enhancing the other thus expanding networking opportunities and sponsorship engagement.


Product Partnership Opportunity

The rapid changes in the R&D landscape are driving us to seek out new partnerships for our Patent Pending technology. We want your help defining funding opportunities and go-to-market strategy for our product, which is currently in the design phase with a working alpha test and will be ready for release by end of 2023 with the right partners.

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